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SCulpture at Waterfront

Bench in Picnic Shelter

Stained Glass Window in Picnic Shelter

Carving at Waterfront



Fish Market where we had dinner

We rose this morning to a flood in the bathroom. After mopping up and determining the source, though not the cause of the leak we had breakfast. Last night when Christine tried to use the new kettle, it would not stay on. The switch clicked to "off" almost as boon as it was switched on. We realized that our plans for the day needed to be revised.

Christine took the laundry and I worked on the trailer, but could not see why the water was leaking. It was particularly frustrating as sometimes it did not leak, yet in the relatively short time from we were up in the middle of the night till we rose this morning there had been a fair bit of leakage.

Enquiries at the campground office revealed that there was a fellow at another campground who might be able to help. We had lunch and set off south along the road to Port Olford where we found the fellow, but he really only sold parts. He advised that he could get us a new toilet of that was what was required and if we knew what parts we needed (we did not) he could sell us them. He gave us business cards for two people who might be able to help. They both work from home and we only had telephone numbers. We left and phoned both, but had to leave messages. We set off north towards Bandon. We were not far along when the phone rang and it was one of the two RV specialists. When we described the problem and discussed remedies, it became apparent that the only real solution was a new toilet, so we headed back to the fellow at the campground. He was able to order a new one, but it would not be here till Thursday. He had originally promised next day delivery, but the warehouse had to get it from California so it would take another day.

We headed back along the road to Bandon, making it all the way this time. We went to the store where we had purchased the kettle and explained the situation. They only had the display model, so we asked them to try it and ensure it worked before we took it. It did, so we went and parked then had a walk along the waterfront further than yesterday. It was still windy and got colder the further along we went. We turned and went to the Fish Market where we had dinner. Fish is always so much better when you get it near where it is caught.

We returned to the campsite for coffee and the news before sorting the photos and settling in for the night.

Tomorrow we will again attempt to explore south of here.

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