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It was an unusually hot day in Paris! The air conditioned Orsay museum felt heavenly after walking several blocks in the heat. We listened to a Rick Steves tour on the app, which, once again was really interesting. We enjoyed learning some art history, particularly the impressionist movement and the resulting Monet's and Renoir's and Degas paintings. These painters wanted to break out of conventional styles and instead focused on color and light and used tiny, uncontoured brush strokes, yet the sum made such a beautiful image. These artists were real rebels in France at this time (1870's ish) Sometimes I had to pinch myself to realize that I wasn't just listening to the background of how these impressionist artists began, but that I was actually looking at the original paintings! Also Vincent Van Gogh's famous paintings, plus the background of his tragic personal life - so very sad. We also saw many Rodin sculptures. Noah was particularly inspired by this visit, and to try his hand at impressionist art.

Afterwards, we found some shade at a park where we ate our picnic. We watched some kids cooling off in the fountain and having a water fight. (I was kind of jealous - it looked so cool) Victor Hugo"s home was right on the corner so we took a quick tour of it. We finished our last night in the city of love by eating dinner at a nice French restaurant. It was so small and cute. Actually most of the restaurants are really small. The French don't hurry the eating experience - we were there for over 2 hours. By the end, we were friends with our waiter and the little French owner. Then we had to go take one more look at the magnificent, illuminated Eiffel Tower. wonder you are so famous.


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