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The National Museum

Part of the Royal Palace

Huge sign opposite the Palace for todays festival.

The monks were all keen to hav e their photo taken with...

And so why not Teena!

Lots of finches and sparrows to set free for a fee.

Porta loos forf the big event.

Monks by the score

Some monks only seems 5 or 6 years old.

part of the Palace

Chicken anyone at the local market?

Perhaps some beef.

Maybe even fish! Do you want flies with that?

Comin" through - motor bikes push their way through the market

More of the market

and more

Stinky durian stand

more market

Our hotel's shrine.

Full of plans this morning about what to see for the day. Down to breakfast nice and early, fill up for the day, place our lunch in our bags then the fridge in our room, before heading out to walk to the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. However, we should have consulted the Buddhist calendar as the Palace was closed today as it was a special day for the monks. As we just walked along the riverside, there were hundreds of monks arriving by bus and gathering around in huge marquees erected in the middle of the road, talking on their mobile phones and puffing away on their ciggies. Locals were giving the monks their offerings to honour their own parents and grandparents. The officials even had rows of porta loos in place for the crowds!

We kept wandering along the river bank until it just became too hot for us and decided to make our way back to the hotel and the comfort of the air conditioning. Whether it was the special day or just the very hot 39C, our street was empty of even motorbikes and tuk tuks by lunchtime. When we got back to the hotel, Teena made me go back into the local market and take some pictures for her of the meat etc.

It was so hot in there, even the flies had gone off somewhere else to find some relief from the heat!!!

In the comfort of our hotel, we enjoyed a lovely refreshing cuppa before Teena lay on the bed to “read” for a short while.

Two hours later she woke just as I felt the need to nod off. Teena made her way down to the foyer to sit and read while I attempted to sleep after reading my book for 2 hours. No sleep came so I joined Teena down in the foyer with a nice pot of jasmine tea until the locals started re-appearing in the streets again.

The traffic was already building up so too late to go off on any more adventures by tuk tuk so we walked up to our little Smile Supermarket to stock up on water and oranges for the night and walked along to the beautiful old post office building for Teena to post her postcards (from KL). Hopefully they will get there without Cambodian stamps on them!!!

As we were walking back along the riverfront, the night market was starting to set up so we had a bit of a look through there before making our way up to the Riverfront Bistro again for dinner. Tonight we had satay chicken sticks and steamed rice which were quite delicious along with the English chips. Both of us a little disgusted as we walk past the restaurants and bars at the number of dirty old western men who are sitting there with young girls chatting to them. There are also so many of them walking around with a girl on their arm. At least there aren’t the extremely depraved old perverts you used to see chatting with the young boys. Plenty of signs around now about child abuse and reporting it. Thank goodness.

Both of us really feeling the heat of today so it was only around 8pm when we returned to the hotel and settled in for the night to watch a dvd that Teena had bought. Listened to the sound of fireworks in the neighbourhood (think they were set up near the palace) for a while but couldn’t see them anywhere from our window. Despite our best intentions, we both knew we wouldn’t make the end of the movie and opted to watch Spiderman 3. Ten minutes in I was nodding off and Teena didn’t last that much longer before I heard the tv go off. We were both exhausted for the day. Didn’t seem to achieve a heck of a lot today but got all day tomorrow!!!!

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