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Approaching Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard Glacier ice field

Black ice floe gleamed as if it was polished granite

Hubbard Glacier
This was taken from ¾ mile away. It is 7 miles...

Bob dressed for glacier viewing

Closeup of Hubbanrd Glacier

A small glacial calving

Many floes carry sediment with them

Norwegian Sun dwarfed by Hubbard Glacier

Tue, 02 Jun: Scenic glacier viewing...

Today we headed north to almost sixty degrees of latitude to visit the Hubbard Glacier. The Hubbard Glacier is one of the largest in North America and it's face looms 400' high and seven miles wide. This is our first visit to this monster.

The weather, unfortunately, was not very cooperative with leaden skies that provide little in the way of contrast. Our cameras handled the exposure and color balance issues with ease and the attached images required minimal post-processing. Not exactly photo contest material, but they convey the message.

While in transit to Hubbard we had our daily trivia contest at eleven and our team, "Da Team", took first place. We've pretty much been in the top three (only the top three teams receive "Big-O Points") every game so we're accumulating points but do not yet know what they're good for.

After lunch we started our approach up the Yakutat Bay to the snout of the glacier. There was considerable ice in the glacial ice field so our progress was slow. Around two we were within ¾ mile of the glacier which was as close as we could get given the ice field.

We've been fortunate to see several glaciers during our travels. Hubbard was very impressive with her 400' x 7 mile snout. From ¾ mile distance even our 11mm fisheye lens couldn't get the entire glacier in the picture.

Hubbard was a prolific calver, spawning ice on an almost continuous basis. While we were in the neighborhood she never calved a huge burg, but smaller chunks of ice were falling pretty much the entire time.

Around four we started back to the mouth of the bay and the Pacific. Once clear of the Bay we picked up speed and headed for tomorrow's destination, Sitka.

Our dynamite team also gathered to play the evening Brainteaser and took second. Two more "Big-O Points" each...

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