Teena' s Adventures in Asia 2015 travel blog

Morning tea at Harrods Cafe Kuala Lumpur airport

Crazy electrical wiring in Phnom Penh

Our nice little room.

The view from our shower

A huge new hotel complex on other side of river

Watching the world fron Riverfront Cafe

What will i eat?

Yumm - my favourite Khmer dish Loc Lac

An early start for us this morning after a very restless nights sleep. Despite both of us setting our alarms on our phones and also the alarm clock in the room, both of us kept waking up at various times during the night just to make sure it wasn’t time to get up!!!!!! Go figure the female brain.

Checked out and took a taxi to Central Station where we were able to check in our luggage for the flight to Phnom Penh. Half hour train ride back to KL airport where we quickly made our way through security then immigration. Decided on an English breakfast at the Harrods Café and enjoyed a beautiful hot strong cup of English Breakfast tea with an English scone, jam and cream.

Before we knew it, it was boarding time, another security check and on board our little plane for a one and a half hour flight to Phonm Penh. Very uneventful flight and landed safely in PP.

Took over an hour to be processed for entry and Immigration b efore we emerged into 35C and very oppressive weather. Took a cab to our hotel and watched as Teena was looking first this way and that at what surrounded us – traffic chaos. 4 and 5 to a motorbike, bikes weaving amongst cars, trucks and cabs, just your usual morning in Phnom Penh. Had to giggle when she took a photo of the complex electrical works with a maze of wires going in all directions.

It was the very first photo I remember taking in Phnom Penh as well.

Reached our home for the next few days, a fantastic little boutique hotel, right next to the local market. Checked in and found ourselves in need of a snooze and woke up a few hours later feeling much more refreshed.

Headed out and took Teena for a walk into the market amongst the fish being gutted, the chicken carcasses all dried out etc. We didn’t make it too far in before she wanted to head back out again. A little too confronting to start off I think. I am allowed to go back and take photos for her tomorrow.

Walked along the riverfront where there is a lot of work going on with repavement. No health and safety standards here with the local kids playing in the pile of sand and dirt being used in the works. You gotta love Asia. Walked along the river watching the boats moving along the water, the people out and about and the late afternoon chaos of motorbikes, tuk tuks and people. Great to be back in this amazing city.

Headed to my favourite restaurant the Riverfront and my long awaited order of Loc Lac, a traditional Khmer dish of sautéed beef in a sweet ginger sauce, served over lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber with a fried egg on top.

It was just a good as I remembered. Teena ordered Khmer Fried Rice and seemed to enjoy it. She enjoyed our Banana Split with neopolitan icecream. The strawberry was actually pureed frozen strawberries which Teena fell in love with. All this for the cost of us $23.10 including 4 diet Cokes.

Bit of a wander around the streets, past my favourite icecream parlour and back to hotel for a shower and chill out with a bit of TV before bed. Better English t v programs here than at KL I might add.

Probably do the S21 and Killing Fields trip tomorrow early to beat the heat.

Goodnight All.

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