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Fruit Stand, Bakersfield

Bernie, Susan, MA

Bernie, Susan, Tom

The Family

We had made reservations at Shadow Ridge RV park in Ajo in case it took a long time to get across the border, but since we arrived in Ajo early afternoon we decided to load the bike and continue driving. We called my aunt in Loma Linda to see if she was up for dinner on the 12th instead of lunch on the 13th and luckily she was. Loma Linda, here we come! We continued north on Hwy 85 through Gila Bend and onto I 10 heading west. At some point around 5PM we pulled into a rest stop and fed and walked the dogs and had some dinner ourselves. We then headed back onto I 10 and drove another hour or so. We finally decided to call it a day in Quartzite where we pulled into Holiday Palms RV Park. A very nice park with ‘overnighters’ spots up front, so easy in easy out, groomed gravel RV sites and the owners, management and staff really care about this park and it shows - especially compared to their competition.

We left early the next morning and drove to Loma Linda, CA. where we pulled into Mission RV Park. This is a mostly residential park and somewhat tight to get in to. It was very convenient for our purposes as it was just a couple of miles from my aunts residence. They have no Wifi. We had originally intended to stay 2 nights but changed our minds and stayed just one night so we could take two days to reach the Bay Area. We had a lovely time with Vera seeing her new place and having a nice dinner at Applebee’s.

Wednesday morning we took off heading toward the bay area. We had no real plans for where to spend the next night. Having never been through Tehachapi we chose to go that way, ending up in Bakersfield. Just outside of Bakersfield we stopped at fruit stand, California Fruit Depot, and bought some flavored nuts and were gifted a 10 pound bag of some of the best oranges we have ever had: http://calfruitdepot.com/ . Melissa, the owner, was a real kick!

We continued on Hwy 58 toward I 5, then headed north. We were just starting to think about what to do for the coming night when we approached hwy 46 which goes west to Paso Robles. Tom then looked at me and said “shall we go to Paso and see Bernie and Susan?” I said ‘Sure” and we had less than 1/4 mile to get off the freeway and onto 46.

We called Bernie and Susan and luckily they were available. About an hour later we pulled into Wine Country RV Park in Paso Robles, fed and walked the dogs and then headed off to Bernie and Susan’s home. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant and then spent some more time with Bernie and Susan. It was so much fun getting to see them on the spur of the moment. We had just the day before told them that it would probably be New Years before we got to see them again. Thank you, Dear Friends, for being so flexible!

So the following morning we had a relatively easy drive to the Bay Area on hwy 101 and got to The Alameda Fairgrounds in Pleasanton via San Jose at about 2PM. It started raining in San Jose and the whole Bay Area looked very black. As we neared Pleasanton it stopped raining long enough for us to get the Harley unloaded and covered and set up the RV and then it rained for hours turning the rv park into a lake. Those of you who have been there knows what that looks like. :( We need to find a new home in the Bay Area especially since we are contemplating spending a few months there this coming winter. And we have - more about this another time!

Our time in the Bay Area this time was very busy. We had multiple packages that had arrived at Sam and Krystal’s place and Tom started out by going to Alameda and picking those up. Friday I spent most of the day on the Coast visiting with Betsy and Cheryl, so good to see you guys again. Sunday we went to Alameda and had lunch at ‘Burma Superstar’: http://www.burmasuperstar.com/ with Sam, Krystal, Esther and Max. This is a favorite of Sam and Krystal and has become one of ours as well! Then, on Monday night we took BART from Pleasanton to the City to have dinner with Max and Vanessa. Max picked us up on Market Street and we went to see all the cool stuff he has done to his apartment, then we went to Vanessa’s place in the Marina, to meet her and then walked to dinner at a VietNamese restaurant, Saiwalks, http://www.saiwalks.com/ , great food! Then Max put us in an Uber car and we went back to BART. May have been the first time on BART for me, LOL lived in Bay Area for 20+ years. Tom rode it a lot when he had Warriors season tickets.

Max, Sam and Krystal were headed to the Dominican Republic Monday night (after our dinner with Max and Vanessa) for a wedding and a week of luxury. There were about 130 people in the group and they had a grand time - so that was all we got to see them this time around.

Luckily we got to see Esther a few more times, Tuesday she came to Pleasanton for dinner at the coach and Thursday we went to Menlo Park and took her out for Mexican lunch. After lunch we went to check out an RV park in Redwood City for a possible home this coming winter. NO GO, they are so booked that they do not take reservations and did not think they would have any long term spaces come up AND they are extremely expensive.

Friday morning we had an appointment to have a new stereo with Sirius XM tuner installed in the coach. Kar Tunz works on some very exotic vehicles and does a great job with sound systems, wheels, tires, suspensions, exhaust - they had a Ferrari, Porsche, Lexus, AMG Mercedes on site when we were there - they do great work! http://kartunz.com/ That took a couple of hours, and then we made a detour to Hayward on the way to Red Bluff. We went to BEAR (Bay Equipment And Repair) in Hayward to have the new manager look at the front of the coach. which needs to be repainted due to BEAR not doing a good job when they painted it a little over a year ago and we want it redone. They are fully standing behind their work and we set it up do be done while we are in Denmark in Sep/Oct. Not only is this convenient since we won’t be living in it - it also solves the storage problem and cost for the 3 weeks we’ll be gone! Yay!

We were on our way to spend Memorial Day Weekend with the OFF (Out For Fun) group at Durango RV Park in Red Bluff. We got out of the Bay Area without too much traffic, only problem area was from Fairfield to Vacaville, looked like some kind of accident. We rolled into Durango around 4PM in time for drinks and dinner.

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