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We drove a taxing twelve miles from the campground overlooking the Bras D'Or to a large grassy field packed with RV's. It was a day of transition. The eight new RV's that will do the second part of this trip with us arrived and were indoctrinated by our leaders. Their rigs were inspected and our poor tailgunner worked nonstop on repair issues. The folks parked next to us had a malfunctioning slide which was caused by the fact that the engine powering it had fallen off. Some of the new folks joining us have very old RV's and he will do his best to insure that they make it there and back. I am grateful to have a handy husband who has coaxed our toilet into flushing once again and repair the drawer facia that was ripped off by an opening slide.

We are here because this campground is only three miles from the port where we will board the ferry for Newfoundland in two days. Another large caravan group from Fantasy RV's is parked along side us having just returned from Newfoundland. We drove to the port to see what lies in store for us on one of the most expensive nights of our life. We estimate that the 16 hour crossing for us in a cabin and our rig in the hold will cost about $1800. We are excited to finally get to see Newfoundland and Labrador and know that we won't be making the trip back anytime soon especially not in an RV.

In the evening we had a sort of welcome/farewell dinner, since three rigs will be ending their trip tomorrow. The meal was fabulous - half a fresh lobster and a huge slab of steak. Giant brownie smothered with ice cream AND whipped cream for dessert. We have been eating well on this trip, but the new folks should not expect such fare on a regular basis. And that's a good thing.

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