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Lots of these signs. We have only seen one moose cow so...

North Fredericton Walmart. Home for 3 days.

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick at Fredericton

Impressive art work

Assembly room

The Hector Statue

Really impressive spiral staircase

A collage of sorts, advertising the many works in the Beaverton Art...

Catamount (mountain lion or cougar) sculpture at the Beaverton Gallery entrance.

Great collection of drawing of Winston Churchill

Christ Church Cathedral

Stained glass east window over the alter

Bishop Medley's effigy in carved marble. The first bishop of Fredericton and...

Old Government House

The Garrison District Barracks location

Sun dial on the side of the old barracks.

New Brunswick Hall of Fame.

St. John River along the hiking trail

Remnants of a long gone bridge

More hiking trail and park along the river

Our first night in New Brunswick and we are boondocking at a Walmart. There are not many campgrounds close enough to the city of Fredericton. We are actually at the North Walmart in the north side of Fredericton across the river from downtown area. This Walmart had no problem with us staying for a few days. In fact, during our stay it was used as a staging area for a number of locals. The internet worked ok in the store.

Fredericton is capital of New Brunswick. In keeping with visiting capitals, we visited the Legislative Assembly for New Brunswick. This is Canada’s version of our Capitals. The legislators were not in session, but they were in meetings. We were allowed to sit in the gallery and listen. There is an amazing spiral staircase which is free standing secured to the walls. The building was opened in 1882. The Hector Statue is believed to have been saved from the fire of the Province Hall in 1880. Little else is know about the statue. But, this odd little statue has a place of prominence in the building. This legislative building is modest compared to others we have seen.

Another must see is the Beaverton Art Gallery. A gift from Lord Beaverton, the gallery opened in 1959. My favorite section was the British works of art and the drawings of Winston Churchill. Fabulous. The museum is across the street from he Legislative Assembly.

The Christ Church Cathedral was beautiful. The east window over the alter is a focal point when entering the church. The building of the church started in 1845 and was completed in 1853. An interesting fact to me, was the architecture style chosen was an effort to return to the architecture of the middle ages called Revived Gothic.

The Old Government House is very impressive large mansion sitting on 11 acres along the shore of the St. John River. Built in 1826, the mansion has been the residence and offices of 15 Governors and Lt. Governors. It is currently used to house the LT. Governor. During the summer, tours of the mansion are conducted by appointment.

Downtown is charming with many historic buildings converted to modern use. A lot of effort has gone into restoring and maintaining historic buildings.

The Fredericton Region Museum is well worth the visit. Many exhibits telling the history of Fredericton and the surrounding area. The museum is in the Officer’s Quarters building located on the Military Compound. The barracks are now being used as a Design and Arts College. This part of downtown is also referred as the Garrison District.

The weather has been a perfect mid-70’s with beautiful blue skies. An extensive paved walking/biking path follows the St. John River for 80 km, about 50 miles. Our meanderings today racked up walking 5 miles. Great day.

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