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Day 4 May 27, 2015: Kingman to Munds Park, South of Flagstaff AZ.

We were well rested for our journey today. The RV Park we stayed in last night wasn’t anything to rave about, but he gave us a $7 discount for me being a Vietnam Vet, as was he.

We got out of town at 9:10AM after shopping at Walmart and getting gas at $2.87 a gallon.

This part of Arizona actually had more to look at while driving, with trees, mountains with snow and the chance to see an elk or two, but didn’t. The wind was blowing a bit and I noticed that one side of my tonneau cover was lifting up. I stopped and got out but at that time didn’t see the problem. Finally after the second stop, I realized that the lock for the front left side had unlocked itself. Secured it and back on the road.

We stopped in Ash Fork AZ for lunch and were going to visit the visitor’s center, but it was a one way dirt road with no turn around. After lunch we headed back to the on ramp to Hwy. 93. I noticed a couple on a tandem recumbent bicycle loaded down. I stopped prior to the on ramp and took their pictures as they passed and asked them where they were headed. The lady on the back replied “Colorado”. They turned onto the same on ramp and we passed them as they waved.

It was a short day, which is ideal for traveling if you don’t have to be somewhere special. Our stop for the night is at Munds RV Park, which is probably 20 mile south of Flagstaff. What a nice park, it has everything, even permanent motor homes for mostly retired persons. It was cooler here; we didn’t need our air conditioner at all. The lady at the general store told me that they had snow up until a week ago. Around 7000 ft. elevation.

We took a short walk, had dinner, played some cards and off to bed.

Good night,

Ray & Leona

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