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The geese came to visit the south end one morning

Loading the U-Haul

Thanks to our neighbour Frank who took these pictures of the new...




Our empty Site 28

It's for sale now and could be gone anytime!

Lemon tarts delivered by Sharon

We thought the trailer wasn't big enough so we got a truck....

Mother sparrow feeding her baby

Our lovely new car with the trailer

The Resort put us up for two nights while Larry finished off...

Living room overlooking the lake


Nice tub!

The view from our penthouse deck

Lots of beautiful clouds in Vernon

Foggy on the 5th

Can't get away from that sewer truck

The bus bringing the gang up for happy hour - probably 70...



They were invited to leave their food here and the staff brought...

Then there was a tour - of their 4 different room types,...

They set up all our happy hour food

We were presented with a beautiful card made by Sharon


A few tears were shed

Beautiful cake for us

One of our dearest friends at the Resort Elaine

Evening on the balcony


There are 4 chickens in this crate. Turns out their owners are...

The weeks were dragging on. There was some interest in the coach but no offers. Then all of a sudden all hell broke loose. On Wednesday May 26 in the morning Larry received some interest from a man in Las Vegas. He proceeded to make an offer. Larry countered. The guy suggested another price that included the car. Then the research began on both ends about taking both vehicles into the US. On Wednesday afternoon, Larry received another reply from some people in Leduc AB. A couple of days later the man's brother, who lives in Vernon, stopped by to see the coach. Then we received an offer from them! The offer was nearly the same as the Vegas offer but did not include the car so was actually better. We accepted it and then the packing began. They wanted the coach the following Thursday June 4!

On Sunday we picked up a 5x8 trailer from U-Haul and started packing. It's amazing how much can fit in a motorhome.

Meanwhile we received a response from a woman in Gold Bridge (north of Pemberton) about the car. She desperately wanted it, agreed to pay our full price and decided to come pick it up on Monday. Talks continued with her and it ended up we had to drive to Kamloops to pick her up and bring her back here.

Meanwhile we had stopped at Ford on Friday, where our new car was waiting for us for the end of June, and told them we needed it a lot quicker. It couldn't be ready until Tuesday - they gave us a loaner car which we used to go to Kamloops on Monday.

When we went to pick up the car on Tuesday we decided it needed paint protection and rust prevention undercoating so they would need it until Wednesday. So back with the Escape!

By the time we got a lot of stuff in the trailer, we thought it wasn't going to all fit so we went and booked a 15 ft truck instead - they credited us the whole amount for the trailer. We went and picked it up Wednesday morning. Dan and Rick had offered to help us transfer all the stuff and are we glad we took them up on it. We started at 11. Then we decided if we unpacked the trailer and packed it properly everything would fit. So that's what the guys did! It only took 1 1/2 hours and it all fit, except for a few things which we left in the shed. We then took the truck back and went for lunch. When we got back Maureen finished cleaning. Did we mention the past 2 1/2 days it was pouring rain? The new owners of the coach came at 3:30 to have a first look at their new home. They seemed pleased and agreed they would be back at noon on Thursday to pick it up. We just got it finished and they arrived. We showed them hopefully most of what they needed to know and off they went. We didn't stick around to watch them leave - we went to the bank with their cheque, for sushi for lunch and to pick up a cooler to transfer our freezer stuff from the Resort freezer to Sechelt.

In order for Larry to finish up loose ends in the office, the Resort treated us to two nights in the penthouse suite at the newly complete Castle at Swan Lake. We went and checked in and then went out for a wonderful dinner with Larry and Diane from the Resort. We will see them in Palm Springs in the winter. Then we had a pretty good night's sleep. Our room is amazing with a gorgeous view out over Swan Lake. Friday morning we were up early. We went down for our included breakfast - scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausages, toast, juice and coffee. Then Larry went down to the office one last day and Maureen walked with the ladies one last time and went to Aquafit. It's a lovely resort and we've mostly enjoyed our time here. There are a lot of people we will miss but we have invited them to Sechelt...

The other reason the people at the Resort wanted us to stay was that they had a nice send-off planned up at the Castle. A bus picked up a full load from the Resort for happy hour. Everyone brought their drinks and snacks. The Castle staff brought it all down to the Breakfast Room while everyone enjoyed a complimentary glass of champagne and a tour of the grounds and four of their beautiful suites. Everyone was suitably impressed and will recommend it to their families and friends when they come to visit. There was lots of food as usual plus some speeches and a beautiful big cake. Sharon B. had made a huge card for everyone to sign which we will frame and hang in the new house. A few tears were shed and we said a final goodbye to the friends we had met over the years. We will see a lot of them again we're sure.

The weather's heating up so we're kind of glad we're getting out of here. We will continue to keep the Journal updated because we're on to our next travel adventures!

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