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Flagstaff going to Phoenix



Car trying to keep cool in parking lot

Closer view

Entering Phoenix

Van Horn, TX...Mule

Lady on Mule

August 25...Thursday...

We're heading south....We are coming down a thirteen mile mountain...we saw a sign saying..."Run a way truck ramp 10 miles". Goodness what if he needed it in one was a steep mountain...we could hear our empty water bottles popping...I had them in our kitchen sink....That was some mountain...road was in great shape...we really haven't found a bad road...just narrow..

Getting to Flagstaff we decided to check out Sams club...see if that Sam's club has didn't..I saw this unique van in the parking lot..Picture...I would say they are trying to keep cool..

If you never had Sam's Club Ice cream bar they sell at their snack have to get one...they dip it in chocolate when you order it...they double dip, maybe triple dip it...also they will dip it in chopped almond nuts. We always get one if we stop after noon time...the one we had in Flagstaff was the best ever...we thought it was real heavy and thick with chocolate...that was our lunch..They are $1.50 each..

We stopped at a campground outside of Flagstaff...we took a ride to Prescott was thirty miles from our RV park...we stopped early...decided to take a short ride ...boy is that place development after development...we can't get over how much building is going on in NV and AZ...

Friday, August 26...heading toward Phoenix Bob snapped a couple of pictures of the scenery...I remember taking about 1- 1 & 1/2 hours getting through Phoenix many we figured with the RV it might be longer...well, we just sailed right on through... only took about one half hour...Bob had me go the truck route...also it really wasn't busy...the time was nine thirty in the morning...we liked that.

Bob's brother Butch is back in NY visiting so we didn't stop to visit him...he lives in Scottsdale, a suburb of Phoenix...we scooted on down I-10 toward Tucson, AZ...Bob's brother Pete lives in Marana, AZ...about 25 miles north of Tucson...we parked in a RV park just five miles from Pete's house.

We stayed at Pete's house... checked our RV everyday to make sure things were okay...we stayed four nights.

Bob & Pete went to a ballgame one night...they dropped me off at Bingo in a casino...while I was waiting in line the women were complaining about how it is becoming a man's game...there are many men there by themselves and they are winning more than the women. I asked two women if I could sit with them and if they would help me if I didn't understand something...I'm glad I did...they have different games and ways that I haven't played.

Then the two women I sat with was saying "They wished the men would stay home and watch football...leave the bingo to the women...they are winning more than the women lately". I had to laugh...every time a bingo was called one of the women would act like a child and throw her bingo dauber on the table and say "I bet it's a man again"... I chuckled to myself...hoping it was a man...just to see them say. "SEE A MAN WON AGAIN"....Funny...Funny....By the way I didn't win but a lot of men funny.

We didn't do any sightseeing in Tucson...we have done it all in the last 20 years there wasn't anything we wanted to go see again...besides much to hot

to do any sightseeing outside...we just had a leisure visit with Bobs brother Pete.

We left Tuesday morning at 7:20 AM....after getting through Tucson we noticed how green everything is and growing...compared to other visits out here..we never seen so much green..the monsoons season (rainy season)is near the end...we see why with all the green now...when it gets real dry why there are fires galore.

They have constant warnings about "Dust storms" from AZ through New Mexico.

We lucked out ... didn't have any dust storms.

We did notice coming through New Mexico into Texas....diesel fuel was finally cheaper that regular gas...up to 20 cents cheaper. Didn't notice it in any other it cheaper in NY also? Great for the truckers!!!!

We stopped in Van Horn TX...Tuesday afternoon...thinking it was 2:30 in the afternoon...we drove seven fast for me...going 70 mph... it was really

4:30 PM as we came through two time changes...getting more East :)

It was nice riding through Texas with all the green...again we usually see it brown the times of the year we usually came west. Not much to sightsee in this area going East...We listen to Rush on radio...when we couldn't get him in we started to listen to a audio tape...the time goes fast when listening to the audio tapes...sometimes Rush get yelling and I can take just so much...I put up with him for Bob...I do enjoy listening to him if he doesn't get yelling constantly.

Called Uncle Clyde and Maryruth to let them know where we are and when to expect us. I told MaryRuth we are in Van Horn, TX....she laughed and said we were in the "Armpit" of Texas...funny....we are in a nice RV park. We took a walk to the gas station near by...had to get Texas lotto and Megabuck tickets....real quiet town...near evening we looked out the window...walking down the road was a lady on a Mule...Picture.

On the road again...Wednesday, August 31....our agenda is getting to Haltom, TX...North of we are just hitting the road going 70 MPH...we drove

320 miles stopping in Tye TX just west of Abilene TX...So hot here...not as bad as Tucson...still hot...high 90"s. It just wipes you out...humidity is only 30...still wipes you out.

Tomorrow....Uncle Clyde & Maryruth. Well, as we were going to sleep we heard this real loud noise that made us sit up and take notice. Bob and I looked at each other and said "What was that. Then another came. I went up front to look out the window. We laughed we are near a air force base. The noise was planes going right over our RV very low. There was seven altogether one right after the other. During the next couple of hours there were another five.

Finally we got to sleep.

On to FT Worth TX...

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