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Good morning from off the coast of Oahu. The ship left Honolulu last night at 2300 local time, and we already lost an hour of time as we begin our advance across the remainder of the Pacific toward Vancouver, BC.

At this point, I don't have much to report. I was glad to see as much of Oahu, and later Honolulu as I did a walkabout. I wondered why I had such low energy, and now know that I have some form of this "creeping crud" sickness that has been going around the ship. My objectives now are not to give this to anyone else and get well as fast as possible.

I now want to wish my good friends Barb and Bevin Bon Voyage and safe journey on their cruise from San Francisco to Vancouver. I look forward to seeing you when I journey back up to BC.

Thanks for reading. Running out of energy.

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