The theater at the Baseball Hall of Fame

Immediately recognizable - Casey Stengel

The locker of the Boston Red Sox

The still at work at the Cooperstown Distillery

Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown

We only drove about 100 miles to our next stop to an RV park in Oneonta, NY where we planned to stay for a couple of days to see some sights around Cooperstown – especially the Baseball Hall of Fame. The drive over was very pretty but also very difficult. We could have taken the Interstate but instead took Route 20 which goes through the villages on the way and is much more scenic. Those of you out west will think I’m crazy when I tell you that the climbs up and down the hills in this region were some of the steepest we have encountered. I think each village is in a valley and the speed limit is 30, which gives you no opportunity to get up to speed as you come to the hill immediately outside of town. In a car it is a very fun drive with all the ups and downs. In a 16 ton motorhome towing a car isn’t quite as enjoyable. But we made it safely and Otto is now resting up for our final trek.

The entrance to the park was paved, but the pavement was totally broken apart and the motorhome bumped and jostled like we were having an earthquake. No damage and nothing broken, but when we mentioned it to the lady as we checked in she told us that the severe winter in the area had done terrible damage to the road in town and in the park. The frost had gone down 6 feet and broken many of the water lines in the park and she had been scrambling to get everything back in working order. We suggested the road might be a high priority.

The next morning we headed up to Cooperstown which is a very charming little town in the area on Lake Glimmerglass. The Baseball Hall of Fame is a must see for anyone with even a slight interest in baseball, but especially for any child who plays. It was really fun to see the film and sing along with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the end. The displays then went through the history of the sport to the integration of black players into the game, the history of the development of the different teams and the American and National Leagues, the notoriety of the different ball parks, and the final section is the actual Hall of Fame.

After a nice lunch we visited the Cooperstown Distillery where they make vodka and gin, and then had a great lunch in town at the smallest diner I can remember seeing. It had 4 tables and 10 seats at the counter, but the food was great. From there we went south of town to the Ommegang Brewery. The tour and tasting had been recommended by USA Today newspaper as one of the top ten, and we did enjoy it but weren’t terribly impressed by the beer. I wonder if these breweries are trying so hard to make something different that they are making beers that only appeal to a few people.

Back at the park, we gave Suzie a good walk and then sat to try and figure out exactly what we’re doing from here. Not making much progress, we decided to stay another night and check in with some family about their plans for the next couple of weekends. In the morning we drove down to Delhi where Buzz went to the 2 year state college before getting his degree at Syracuse. It was much larger than I had imagined and he said there were a lot of new buildings, less some of the older ones. A very quaint little town, but he also pointed out some of the bars they went to which were all outside the town limits as the town itself was dry.

So finally making our decision, we got up the next morning and headed to our final destination near Lake George, NY. Time to settle in for the summer and enjoy the wonderful warm weather we have finally found.

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