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It is going to be a hot, humid day here on the ocean. We are not quite halfway between American Samoa and Hawaii. In fact, I did not know that American Samoa is closer to both New Zealand (1,800 miles) and Australia (2,500 miles) than Hawaii (2,600 miles). There's a factoid for you.

Today friends Mike and Kay leave on their European adventure for two weeks. They go to Switzerland and then begin a riverboat cruise. Bon Voyage to both of you. Have a great, fun, and safe journey.

Tomorrow is the half way point, in days, of our cruise. Hard to believe, but true.

Thanks for reading.

Update to journal posting.

As I type this, there is a ceremony about crossing the equator. I presume we'll get some sort of certificate later this evening to authenticate our presence during the crossing.

I've been utilizing the spa on the ship, luxuriating in the hydrotherapy pool, steam bath, and warming couches. All in all it's been a good day. Thanks for reading.

Update to update:

After dinner, I wandered about the ship to partially walk off some of my delicious dinner of chicken cordon bleu and to decided what, if any, venue I might hang out for a while. During this time, I took some pictures of a sunset, but they were not spectacular enough to keep. Thanks for reading.

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