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Those mountains are actually in Mexico! Our view from the camper..

an odd ring around the hot sun

Part of the mine in Bisbee

The Lavender Pit Copper Mine

Not sure what this instrument was called

Downtown Old Bisbee


Bisbee is interesting...

A quail on the truck

Beautiful sunset

a roadrunner!

a walk back in time in Lowell, a small section near Bisbee

a treehouse truck!



Fine lookin' cowboy :-)

The infamous Tombstone


Brian's Mother with some cowboys!

Our new truck!


Saguaro Cacti

a prickly pear cactus

selfie with a cactus :)

and that wasn't even the tallest cactus!

a forest of cacti


cool mosaic in Tucson

Bisbee, Arizona. A small, artsy town of about 5,000 people. it is also the home of Brian's brother-in-law's father. They have been kind to host us for a couple of weeks while we explore the southern part of Arizona. As a matter of fact, we are about 5 miles from Mexico; we can see it from where the camper is parked! We have been able to go to Tucson and visit the Saguaro National Park, which is the home to the really tall cactus people generally associate with the Southwest.

Brian's mother also flew down from Maine for a week. We will take her camping with us for a few nights at Patagonia Lake State Park before bringing her back to the airport in Tucson in a few days, and then continuing north.

We were very surprised at how many mountain regions there are in Southern Arizona. There's also a lot of different & beautiful flowers, as well as birds... including quail and roadrunners!! We love the sunshine, too!

Another lovely surprise was the purchase for a new (well, new for us!) truck! The old Ford we had was wearing out and we needed to get a new vehicle that we knew would be reliable. After searching for a few months, we found a beautiful blue 2010 Ford F-150 Lariat truck. Our truck cap will hang off the end a little bit because it has a smaller bed, but at least we can finish the trip without worrying where we will break down!!

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