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OK, just to show more of my geographic ignorance, I could not have told you where the Palma de Mallroca is, nor what the Ballearic islands are...thinking on the coast for Palma and having no knowledge of at least three good sized islands over here south of Spain even though my mother has given me very nice pearls from Mallorca. For shame. How about Ibiza? Now I have heard of it, but where is it? On the Costa Blanca, maybe? OK< all of you who knew this may feel appropriately smug now. Sigh.

So we find ourselves on a remarkably good sized island, like 1400 square miles! Pretty big out here! We hike by bus to see the Valldemossa, a gloriously classical Spanish mountain town which just happens to be a UNESCO site, no wonder it looks so good? It is home to a once monastery of the non-speaking type, in the mid 1800s it was sold. Here enters it's most famous resident Frederic Chopin who came to Mallorca because he had tuberculosis and needed warm weather to recover. When the illness was discovered, he was banished from the city and could stay in the cold mountains of Villdemossa. This about killed him, he returned to Europe and lived ten more years. After his death, it was determined his illness was cystic fibrosis, not TB so all that isolation and rejection wasn't for anything contagious after all.

I enjoyed seeing a cheeky kitty sauntering through the several hundred year old furniture. There was a brief Chopin concert, although I do believe my granny played it more accurately...

Back in town, a huge gothic church built on the site of an old mosque with a rose window bigger than Notre Dame in Paris!! Biggest of all, actually. Long story about the finishing architect Gaudi, but more on him tomorrow from Barcelona. He is a little different.

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