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Navajo country



Monument Valley

Sandstorm raging

on our own

Watching over us while we slept

Mexican Hat

Sunday we worshipped at Calvary Chapel in Bullhead City and afterwards started heading East and stayed overnight in Williams, Arizona along old Route 66. Had a nice BBQ rib dinner on a terrace downtown (?) and a walk around the old shops along 66.

Monday we headed further North and East and ended up in Navajo country. Indian territory with some really interesting places and beautiful mountain scenery again in hues of yellow, orange and some purple. We stayed overnight in Navajo Mountain National Park high up overlooking a large valley, the next day we crossed the border into Utah through what is called Monument Valley with some of the most interesting formed mountains we had seen so far. These are sacred mountains to the local Navajo tribes.

We passed through Mexican Hat named after a nearby mountain with a rock which looks like a hat balancing precariously on top. That night we stayed in "the valley of the gods" this is public terrain and you can just find a spot and stay overnight. It was a strange feeling because in the whole valley we seemed to be the only people staying there. In the distance grazed some cattle on the barest of shrubs and grasses. The winds had been heavy during the day and as night fell they became even stronger, we would have easily been rocked to sleep if it had not been for the thunderous noise.

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