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Taking it easy with the Toones

Freddy Toone

Everything we own in one Balck Cab!

Inside our flat

Fiona in the window of our flat

Notting Hill Carnival



Islesy gets into the spirit

Fu Man Chu


Nice sound system

Back to London, this time for good (sort of).

After 6 months humping backpacks across the world we have finally made it to London! It seems like we have been travelling for ever and we are now very much looking forward to stopping and enjoying living in one place for a while.

So, we threw ourselves into two weeks of intensive interviews and found that London is really booming at the moment, with unemployment below 5%, we have had a good reception on the job front. We both had a few different job options but made a few decisions and are really excited about the jobs we have taken. Fiona will be working for a company called Dukes of London, a company that sources corporate promotional products for major companies, she will be managing their luxury product range. I am going to be working at Deutsche Bank in Equity Corporate Finance, doing basically what I was doing in Sydney. This all happened really quickly and although we need the $, can we really go back to work after this adventure?

We have also found ourselves a flat in Notting Hill and moved last week, just days before the Notting Hill Carnival. In case you've never heard of it, as I hadn't, it is one of Europe's biggest outdoor street parties, and the biggest african/caribeaan music festival. So, being basically fresh off the boat, we considered ourselves somewhat knowedgeable on Caribbean matters, and were amused to find our flat right in the thick of the party. We did our best to add to the scene with our cuban CD's on our small CD player, but were somewhat out gunned by sound systems up to 20 feet tall! See photos.

With work looming next week and the trip already a fading memory, I can feel the routine of a big city moving in as an all too familiar memory. I can say now that it all went much easier than we thought, not even one robbery to boast of! This trip for us consists of so many incredible memories of places, but more importantly of people. Anyone thinking of making a big move, do it, it is very worthwhile.

We will send our new contact details to you all soon.

Lot of Love

Rob and Fiona

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