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The last week we have travelled from Lake Havasu, Arizona to where we are now in Central California.

On the way we stopped for a couple of nights at "Joshua Tree National Park" a really unique park in southern California. Many opportunities to hike among and over the rocks which look more like piles of huge boulders. The name "Joshua Tree" of course comes from the biblical story in Exodus where as long as Moses held up his hands Joshua and the Israelite army were winning the battle. Ex.17:10-13.

At a high point in the park you have a fabulous view of the Coachelli Valley through the center of which runs the San Andreas fault, shifting of the plates lying underneath caused the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake and is feared may cause the next "Big One".

We drove through the San Bernardino mountains north and from this altitude you can overlook the valley towards Los Angeles. The smog over the city was so heavy that it was hard to see any distance at all.

We went along some long lonely roads as we went further north towards the Sequoia National Park and across it towards the California Central Valley, home of the fruit and nut orchards. All kinds of Citrus fruit as well as Almonds, Wall and Pecan nuts are grown here.

The Central Valley is suffering from a 4 year drought and you can really see this in all the dead pine trees on the mountain slopes. The fields are still very green but most of that water is imported from the north as far as Canada.

We are spending the Easter weekend with Corry's cousins in Visalia, the center of dairy country. Our cousin used to own a dairy farm but now works part time for his son in law who has a herd of around 1400 cattle and plants about a 1000 acres of barley, corn and alfalfa. Of course since there really are not 4 seasons they plant and harvest almost all year round. Because of the lack of water, farmers here are continuing to drill deeper wells . Now over 1000 feet deep, one of the concerns is that because so much water is removed so deep there is a greater thread of earth quakes.

On Good Friday we remembered our Lord's suffering and death during communion in a little mountain church with about 25 new found brothers and sisters.

We have been on the road now for just over 5 weeks and not yet bored. We do feel a little homesick from time to time and we look forward to hearing from some of you.

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