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Forbes Commonweath bank


Cattle Sales


Sheep Sales

Ben Hall - bushranger

Traffic jam

Main St - Burcher......oops only street Burcher


Farm tour

Future Vino

Major irrigation channel

Hi All,


So now for a bit of a nostalgic stop - Forbes, where Marco worked in the Commonwealth Bank from July 1967 to Jan 1969. As Anne said many time things would have changed in 45 years and they had, the basics were there but where we thought things were, they were not, maybe the memory is not as good as we thought. It was fun though however unfortunately the gliding club where Marco flew gliders had folded. A trip to a barber answered lotsa questions and apart from getting a haircut information was gleaned so we could find out where some old cronies were but we were only able to catch up with the old flying instructor, a bit older and now unfortunately not flying. Whist in Forbes we went to the cattle and sheep sales, huge sales held over 2 days and it was a stack of laughs but extremely interesting. We had a great campsite right on the Lachlan River.

Next stop was West Wyalong via Condobolin and Burcher. The only purpose at Condobolin was to go via on the way to Burcher, a town named after a family who arrived in Australia in the early 1810’s after Steven Burcher was caught for horse steeling in the old country. The family did well after Steven was granted a ticket of leave and his son Charles did extremely well in life. So why all this fuss about Burcher, well we know a relative of Steven’s also a Burcher and living in England and so far in life an honourable man. He had been there once on a visit to Australia but it was still fun to go. We were lucky enough to talk to an oldtimer who gave us a copy of the family tree of the Burcher family here in Australia which we have sent to his relative in the UK.

Not much at West Wyalong so we moved on after 1 night.

Griffith was next, famous for being in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and birthplace of friend Barry Hemley. Actually famous more for the former than the latter. Griffith produces all of MacDonald’s gherkins, now that’s important, 65% of NSW wine being 20% of Australian production, more important, apparently some other funny weedy stuff not important and nearly all of Australia’s rice production plus lotsa other agricultural production. A busy city no longer a town. We visited a working farm for a tour, (these farms are called Fruit Salad farms as many different produce are grown on fifty acres) very interesting especially the part where the guide told everyone that wanted a pumpkin to get off the bus and pick one, as we left she said she didn't care how many we took, it was the neighbours pumpkin patch....oh well that’s the country.

And so the trip continues.

Best wishes and/or love

Mum and Dad

AA and UM

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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