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showing tan

We r wearing clothes

biiiiiiig carp on the golf course

another carp in the pond

albino carp

Maggie in bed

Mariners at bat

Peoria stadium

Mariners in the field

18 March Ok so I know I posted on FB that someone drove their RV away and forgot to unhook their power and water, what a mess. They pulled the water hookup right out of the ground soooooo everyone in the park had no water for about 4 hours. We were told what happened when we took the dog for a walk. We heard later from Scott (park owner) that someone does this at least once a year. We went golfing so the water was back on when we returned. When we went golfing it was a balmy 26C but, wait for it, wait for it, it cooled off and the last 3 holes we played in the wind & rain. It actually got really ugly out. When we got home the got ripped off a wart that was in her ear, blood everywhere. what a mess. poor doggie!!! The wind was blowing so hard we had to put the awning down and it rained all nite.

19 March Pretty much did nothing all day as it rained. Finally stopped raining in late afternoon which is good as we have tickets to a ball game at 7PM. Drove to Peoria to see Seattle Mariners vs Cleveland Indians. It was actually a boring game with only 1 home run made by Seattle. Seattle won and got pictures. The game was packed and we almost missed the opening pitch as traffic was bumper to bumper from the exit off the 101 loop to stadium. Never got back to the MH until after 11PM.

20 March Sunny and way warmer today. Golf day today. Better look out Pat, Drew & Laurel Brian is shooting in the 90s and is real close to breaking 90.

21 Busy busy day. Took the dog for a walk before 9 am then watched curling on TV. Ladies World Curling. Went to the pool for 2 hours. We float on our noodles and chat to the other floaters. Now does that sound ridiculous! We had Johnson Brats for dinner, they are really good. I mean really good!!. Go Canucks! Hockey game tonite.

22 March Went to bed at 10PM last nite, the heat just zaps you but was up a 7:30. Have to take the dog for her walk before it get too hot which is before 10 am. Had to go and do a bit of grocery shopping, we have a small fridge and it doesn't hold very much. Watched the Ladies World Curling finals Canada vs Switzerland. Unfortunately Canada came second. Its getting hotter every day only 32C today so off to the pool we went. Was at the pool from 1 - 4pm then home for happy hour. We are so glad we have Canadian TV.

23 March - 27 March took the dog for a walk, read and then went to the pool for several hours pretty much every day. Every day is over 30C. By the time we take the dog for a walk it too hot to go play pickleball so we sit outside and read, then afer lunch we head to the pool. Its a real social thing. Went golfing a couple of times in there. There was the final Jammin with Dutch on Wednesday nite and the final coffee & donuts on Friday. Things are winding down and lots of people have left already.

28 March Golf day Brian shot 91 today, I have to play really well to beat him. He's getting reallllly good. Way to go Holly! Congrats on your bursaries! I think it hit 37C today and is suppose to just keep getting hotter. Lots more people will be leaving the RV park in the next few days and heading home. All the organized activities finish on 31 March but we are here until Friday. Have to get our 30 days in and if it gets too hot we'll spend the whole day in the pool.

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