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Some Key West sites... first the Little White House

Little White House

The grounds

Interesting Tree

John's search for a couple of missing anchors

Maybe this is it

Taking the Trolley tour, Southern Most Point

protected chicken


Hemmingway hangout

While crossing the Everglades stopped at Indian Village: note rig in background

We arrived here yesterday about 4 pm after a 5 hour drive from Sunshine Key, with one rest stop @ Miccobukee Indian Vilage on Route 41 crossing the Everglades (see photo). A chance to walk around a bit, grab an ice cream sandwich for lunch and - the best part - plenty of room to park the coach!

Highlights of our stay at Sunshine Key were a snorkeling trip for John and a day in Key West for both of us. Although we have been to Key West before, this time we took in a couple of tourist attractions that we hadn't seen. First stop:

The Little White House, first enjoyed by Harry Truman and subsequently by several other presidents. We had a terrific guide and were amazed at how much of the house was open to the public. The house, as well as the grounds are beautifully maintained. If a sitting or retired president would like to have use of The Little White House it is closed to the public while the president and his family/guests are in residence.

We also visited the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, where we learned the history of his 16 year search for Spanish Fleet Galleons, sunk with treasure in 1622. Also at this museum you will see a history of the slave trade, as well as the African Cemetery located on Key West. Of real interest was the role of the US Navy in 1860 as they “ intercepted American-owned vessels bound for Cuba to sell their human cargo to sugar plantation owners there.” The people of

Key West housed, fed, clothed and cared for the people that were rescued from the ships, and buried those who did not survive.

Lots of good times happening in Key West as this is Spring Break season!

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