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Today has been another crazy, fabulous day. Fabulous, as we continues to take what seems to be called "the Big Tour" for reasons unknown. Our driver took us by Tuk Tuk to 4 temples, all in various states of decay. It is fascinating to see what gets destroyed over time and what remains. I keep thinking back to a Rudyard Kipling story that I used to read to the kids about the Letting in the Jungle. While it is sad to see how much is lost, it is also rather amazing to see that anything at all survives, much of it from the 8th to the 12th century. The crazy part is that Barb is for some reason now getting to witness my (shall we say) obsessive behavior up close and personal. ("No, we can't go around 2/3s of the outside perimeter and then dash into a new layer of corridors; we have to do a complete 360 each time and THEN we can move inward"... "No, the bank notes all need to be arranged in one direction, from smallest to largest denominations (and all right side up),not all higgledy piggledy...) Those who know me well will recognize this, and wonder how Barb and I made it through the Philippines without noticing this. I am trying to curb myself in order to not drive Barb over the edge. Barbara G

I live in my own vacation world, thus either follow Barb, or loose her. My attention is caught by a shadow, or corner and I follow it. For BG I am trying to be more organized with our funds. We travel with "Betty" our single purse that we add to as necessary and pay all of our shared expenses. Today is BG's turn to be Betty and I must say it is in perfect order.

We are having breakfast on the terrace this morning, a slight breeze coming through the palms. It is expected to be 100 degrees with 86% humidity. We are thankful to get back in our tuck tuk and start down the road after climbing a temple in the hot sun.

Today is the most magnificent temple, Angkor Thom and the Bayon. Yesterday, we toured four 'lessor' temples, each unique in their purpose (as we've been told), but some aspect of building or ornamentation that attracts your eye. I wonder the effect on a villager as he/she approached the 300 meter causeway to the temple gates. The sense of awe and majesty must have been overwhelming. I will hope to experience some of that awe today with my somewhat jaundiced, modern American eye.

Barb M

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