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My Seat to Saigon

Bus stop shrine

After I left the Barbaras, I took a bus to Saigon. The route clings to the coast which is beautiful but very slow. I went down through Nha Trang and Mui Ne. Normally I would do almost anything to avoid a long bus trip but I really don't mind the buses here. I haven't taken a local bus but the "sleeper buses" are as comfortable as a bus can get. I've never seen them in any other country. I think we have described them earlier, but I included a picture. Getting into and out of them is a challenge but otherwise good. Even though the buses are fairly new, travel takes a very long time because of the roads and the traffic. There are not so many cars, but it seems like every citizen of Vietnam is out on their motorbikes.

Even though we blog almost every day, it is impossible to really capture what we see and experience. I took a picture today of a shrine at a bus stop. It seems like every house and building has a shrine although there is a strong Christian presences here as well. We drove by a church on Sunday. It was full with a large number of people standing outside participating. While we have been told about the corruption here, we did not experience it nor was the police presence very obvious. New building and appeals to tourism are everywhere. Definitely capitalism is to be alive and thriving. Peggy

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