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6 March What a great way to start a Friday! Coffee & donuts in The Barn (main hall) the owner went over a few reviews/comments made by guests of the RV park. The social director then went over any up & coming events in the park. The most amazing thing was that she then introduced everyone their first and last names and where they were from. There were about 75 or more people there. It was quite amazing! We headed out to golf and played with a couple from Edmonton. They built a house here in 2011 and indicated it was just as cheap to build a house as it was to buy. So after dinner we went to the courtyard for womdingers. You ask what r they. Well they are pastry cooked over the fire and then filled with fruit & whipped cream. Yummy. The pastry is cooked on a womdinger stick. You take an metal stick and put about a 6 inch dowel on the end, the dowel is about 1.5 inches round. The pastry is wrapped around the dowel and cooked over the fire until done. Something the kids would really enjoy. Oh ya Brian shot 93, me 84.

7 March Pancake breakfast, craft fair and a baseball game today. $2 for pancakes with bacon or sausage, pretty good deal. The craft fair was lame to say the least, it was combined with a garage sale. As Brian would say junk junk & more junk! The Spring Training for the cactus league started on 3 March. There are ball games every day until 3 April, you have your choice of 16 teams playing in 8 different stadiums. The ball game was Seattle Mariners vs Chicago White Sox, it was just a little warm in the stands. We got seats in the 3rd row, after 2 innings we moved into the shade. There was no breeze and I swear it was 36C, we both got a little sun. The game was 3.5 hours long, Seattle had two very long innings and Chicago had one. Score ended 11 - 7 Seattle. Didn't want to cook when we got home so Panda Express it is.

8 March This is suppose to be our do nothing day. Took the dog for a walk and then watched curling. We gave the dog a bath ad the went to the pool for a couple of hours. Brian loves his tube float although he says he still sinks to the bottom. Watched the Brier final, awesome final. WTG team Canada who would have predicted they would win. Well the computer fell on the floor and now the power charger is broken.

9 March Drove to Best Buy to get a new power charger for the computer. Stores don't open until 10 am here. At 1pm went to a pickleball clinic, are we idiots or what? Its 32C and we're running around after a stupid woofle ball. Went to the pool after. After dinner went for a short bike ride as our legs are like rubber. Brian went to Walmart for ice cream, he came home with ice cream and cosmo. Yeah!!

10 March Golf day! Ok its only 33C today, good thing we are riding. The couple that we played with on Friday showed up to play with us. Their company went to San Diego for a few days so they decided to join us. We exchanged phone numbers etc and hopefully will get together for an afternoon of appys. Brian shot 97 (43 + 54), me 84. You'll never guess what we saw on our way home. I looked in the rear view mirror and there he was! Bumblebee!! He passed us and took off. Went for a swim after dinner.

11 March Went and played pickleball, it was fun. We played 2 games before we both got tired ad had enough. We are gonna go play again tomorrow as we both liked the game. They play every day at 9am for several hours, not sure we can last several hours, lol. Had to rest before taking the dog for a walk. Then just sat and read for a few hours. Only went to the pool for 1/2 hour as can't miss happy hour. Which starts at 4pm. After dinner we went to "jammin' with Dutch". 2 hours of total awesomeness! guitar playing and singing. All of the entertainers had played professionally.

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