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Morning tea with Hastings Hi! Hatters

Morning tea with Hastings Hi! Hatters

Morning tea with Hastings Hi! Hatters

Morning tea with Hastings Hi! Hatters

Made an easel out of a notice board for display of jewellery

Made an easel out of a notice board for display of jewellery

new shoes

Hello all,

Had the sonographs done of my left foot on Friday and go back to the Podiatrist on Wednesday. I am still reeling from the price ($170) I had to pay for new shoes (see photo). According to the podiatrist we should not wear shoes that can bend in the front or the back. Imagine that if this was taught at school (get a podiatrist to come in and give a talk) the government would save billions as people would not have foot problems caused by bad shoes leading to days off work, claims on Medicare, etc. The podiatrist also said that I would have to have orthotics as well, luckily not custom-made ones (been there, paid for that) but still costing about $80.

Anyway, enough wingeing.

I went to morning tea with the ladies of the Hastings Hi! Hatters (red hat society) on Friday a very happy group. Also there were six ladies from the Delightful Dreamers chapter in Tamworth. We had morning tea at the Coffee Club in the Port Central Shopping Mall. They are having an outing to Shelley Beach on the 19th so I will be going to that too.

I discovered that the parking in town is electronically monitored. Your car is photographed when you enter the CBD and again when you leave. There are 1- and 2-hour parking areas in town. If you overstay the time they send you a parking ticket! How ingenious! No need to employ parking police! I did not discover this until after my first visit into town where I was parked in a 1-hour spot but stayed over 2 hours because I went to the movies (naughty I know). So it will be interesting to see if I get a ticket, or maybe they will let me off because I am a tourist bringing much-needed dollars into the area (well $170 at least).

I spent some of the weekend visiting the various markets to see what they were like and whether they would suit my type of merchandise. They were all awful. Eight or nine stalls with really tacky stuff, or things like embroidered tea towels, tacky jewellery, books and DVDs. Some of these markets are held twice a month, really silly I think, and probably the reason why there are not many stalls and even fewer customers. I could not even be bothered setting up at any of them.

I have been trying to think of ways to improve the look of my display as it is not very professional. I went to various op shops and bought two of those cork notice boards for $3 each then got some wood and hinges from Bunnings and made easels out of them. I can then pin the earrings onto them making them much more easy to look at rather than having them in a pile on the table. Anyway I will see what happens when I am at my next market.

On Saturday I drove to Wauchope which is about 20 minutes away just to see it and found it quite pleasant. They too had a market but it was even worse than Port Macquarie's markets. The town is quite pretty but that's about all I can say for it.

The house sit here as been truncated to the 20th (was the 28th) and I have been approached by someone in Casino asking if I can sit their place for 8 days from the 30th February. I replied to their message twice but so far have not had a reply so I don't know what is going on there, whether they have changed their mind or just don't check their email regularly. If I don't get a reply by the end of this week I will look for something else. I have more or less decided to potter around between Port Macquarie and, say, the Gold Coast until winter is over then head south towards Tasmania where I would like to be by November.

That's all for now

love to all


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