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Leaving Huntington Beach

view from coach

park picture

the pond

Dates on Palm

At the date orchard


Dinner outside


Tom's new hat

clouds over the mountains

Peggy and Tom

Lunch with Melnicks

Palm Springs Convention Center


View from Tram

View from Tram

View from Tram

2/13 We packed up and loaded the bike and headed out to Desert Hot Springs.

As per GPS instructions we headed south on HWY 1 to 55 to 91 to 210 to 10, and while it was probably the most direct route I seriously doubt that is was the fastest. the 107 miles that should have taken about 2 hours took about 4. Traffic, road work and loss of lanes slowed every one down to a crawl a large part of the way. Good thing we were not in a hurry.

We stayed at Sky Valley RV Resort witch is on the opposite side of the valley from Palm Spring and Palm Desert, about 18 miles from either. Palm Desert is where most of the grocery shopping is. The park is a strange mixture of mobile homes in all sizes and rv spots tucked in between the homes. The spots are packed sand with a cement patio, they are really large, we can park the car next to the patio. It is more like being in a neighborhood than an RV park. The WIFI was generally working ok for most purposes, except for uploading pictures to the blog, it was not strong enough for that and we had to use the hot spot. The park has mineral pools, both warm and hot, and apparently they are the reason that so many people chose the park.

On Valentines Day we went to dinner at PF Chang in Palm Desert and had a very nice evening. It was nice and warm evening in the desert.

On Sunday we went to a date farm and learned a lot about how dates are grown and harvested, very interesting and we bought some dated. We cruised around Desert Hot Spring, which is really the low rent district of this valley. In the afternoon and went to pools and had dinner outside, another beautiful warm evening.

Monday was President Day and we hung out and relaxed. And had another dinner outside.

On Wednesday morning we had Breakfast with Linda Anderson, a former colleague of Toms. So much fun to see people we know along the way. We then did some food shopping and i got some Keens.

On Thursday evening we went to visit another BC connection. We had dinner with the Ceasar’s. We enjoyed seeing their nice spread in Palm Desert and had a really nice evening, thank you for dinner, so glad we could make it work. Bob and Sharon both look really good, but you will have to take our word for it because we were so involved with having a good time that we did not get any pictures.

Friday night it started to blow pretty hard and Saturday we rocked like we have never experienced before. We canceled our planned trip to the San Jacinto Mtn. visitor center and stayed home. That night it was blowing so hard that we decided to close the slides on the rig for the night to save the slide awnings. It was a bit claustrophobic but also a lot quieter. Sunday we opened up the rig to get some breakfast but then closed it down again while we went to the visitor center. We learned a lot about the area and The Salton Sea. We then went to the Palm Spring’s tram thinking we would take that up to the mountain but decided against it because the weather was so bad we would not have been able to see anything. we then stopped at the Palm Spring’s visitor center and Tom got a new hat.

We spent a few days getting some work done and doing some shopping and cooking, the weather turned cold and and we had quite a bit of rain, and that of course produced snow in the mountains, very beautiful. No more warm evening dinners outside.

On Tuesday our friends Tom and Peggy from Portland blew in for a few days of hot springs and Joshua Tree exploration. We had a nice dinner at the coach, great to see them and catch up.

On Wednesday we went to visit the Melnick’s in their Rancho Mirage house, and then went to lunch at their favorite deli. It was really nice that we could see them again here in the desert.

On Thursday we went to set up for the weekend’s Home Show at the Palm Springs Convention Center, a very nice and classy place.

Then we went back to the Tram and this time we went up. It is quite the ride and not for you James Johnson, or anyone else with vertigo. The tram actually rotates and makes about 3 rotations, and it rises from about 3000ft to just over 8000 ft during the 8 minutes it takes to reach the top. It is really cool because you get to see both the side of the mountain close up (which was actually more scary than looking down the valley) and the view of the valley. Once up top we took a short hike down a wide cement trail and back up. There is lots of hiking, back packing, etc. up in the back country. Beautiful place and one to hopefully return to.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent in the convention center. This was one of the most pleasant shows we have done, people were really nice and the set up was comfortable. Friday and Saturday we did well, Sunday was a little slower, maybe because it rained again.

Monday and Tuesday we decompressed and got ready to move on.

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