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One of the main squares in Olomouc

Wandering the streets...

Václavskénám cathedral

Look for the turrets in the distance...

From the tower in Olomouc

Bird's eye views..

Being taken for a ride?

Dobry den from the Czech Republic!! We arrived in this lovely, nontouristy town in the eastern part of the country yesterday and it is wonderful being here. The town is beautiful, clean, vibrant and very far off the tourist trail. There is not much to do here, which is nice in a way, it is simply very pleasant wandering around the streets and parks. Yesterday we spent a couple of hours in a very nice teahouse lounging on a carpeted platform with plenty of pillows. They had about 100 teas to choose from. We'll be back this afternoon. Our private room at the Poet's Corner hostel is huge and quiet, and the Aussie owners are very nice. Things are so cheap here. At the grocery store we got breakfast fixins for two days, and two large local beers for under 6 dollars!!

An interesting anecdote from our border crossing yesterday...We got our passports stamped by the Austrian border officer, and a few minutes later Raime went to the WC. While I was busy the Czech officer came to stamp Kate's passport, she told him where I was and he went ahead and stamped mine anyway!! I doubt I'll ever again receive a stamp in my passport without my presence!!

Tomorrow we rejoin the hordes in Prague...

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