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Sabine River GC the one with the hippos and crocs was our club on Wednesday.

we played our usual friendly format 2/4 all to count on par 3's. This is the only course we have played twice, but you wouldn't think so from our scores. All the par 3's were well guarded by water, not to mention the animals in the water. A young man attached himself to our group and made himself indispensable earning a good tip at the end of the round. He used my ball retriever at every water hazard and went away with his pockets full. There was a hippo in the lake about ten feet from where he saved this ball!

Dinner in the evening was at Hippo Hollow and sure enough dinner was interrupted by two hippos climbing out of the river and grazing on the lawns while we ate our steaks. The French applauded when the hippos appeared I don't think they were bothered! Hippo was on the menu but I decided it was how the steak was served rather than the animal itself. I couldn't have eaten it and then watched it's cousins.

Thursday was sightseeing day, Elvis our driver gave us a running commentary from our pick up to the lunch stop.

We drove past forests of eucalyptus and fir plantations, plus fields of avocados and lemons, trees bearing macadamia nuts, and mangos. Elvis was scathing about the housing development built by the Chinese it was a bit remote. We went to beauty spots with fabulous views into neighbouring Mozambique over waterfalls and rivers,

and a gold prospecting area Bourke's Luck Potholes ( where he found gold)

and Blyde Canyon.

All spectacular sights. Unfortunately God's Window was closed with the cloud! So no pictures.

We ended up for lunch at Hattie's Pancake House where we had just finished eating when a torrential storm struck, true rainy season rain with thunder and lightning and the road turning into a stream. It dispersed the hawkers but prevented us from walking any further.

Friday is Nelspruit GC which we were told is undulating and where buggies are compulsory for all. It was a long way to drive with only a few challenging holes. DikDik ( a small deer) baby mongooses, mongeese, mongoose ( ?) were scampering about and monkeys in the trees were much more interesting. We caught rush hour, rain and an accident on the road on our way home so took over two hours to return. A final dinner and few glasses of wine, presentations and thank you' s all round before bed.

This is my last post before I go and pack and clear my room. We leave our hotel at 2.00 this afternoon fly to Jo'Burg and disperse, some are going on to Oz, some to Cape Town but most back to Heathrow courtesy of Virgin landing early tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading and commenting I look forward to speaking to you or seeing you soon. K

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