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We finally arrived, on time, at Siem Reap after too many hours one a plane!

And it still is "always something " as we are waited in line to get our visa. It was cheaper than sending it in ahead of time. Well, I had filled out the application prior to leaving US and both when we checked in in SF and on the plane from Seoul said it could be used...not true. We had to fill out the form we should have gotten on the plane. Back of the line! You pay $30 in cash and your passport gets passed down the line of 6-8 people until the hold it up for you to identify. Apparently government officials in Cambodia work for tips as everyone in front of us slipped an extra dollar in their passport...we didn't. When it came to passport control we saw the same thing. And our officer even asked for it! Customs was a joke. Not sure why we each had to fill out a form as we just droprped them in a box on the way out!

Zachy is our driver for the week. He got us to our lovely hotel and we were off to bed.

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