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Leaving Anaheim


Tom and Cher

MA, Cher and Paul

Farmers Market


Night Cap

Ellen, Carsten and Steen

Bella and Friend

Tom and Charley

Surfing Museum


German Restaurant



Tom, Jytte and Steen

Ferry to Balboa

coast line

MA on boat

Sea Lions

snacks at Cher's favorite place

Leaving Huntington Beach

2/2-2/12/15 Huntington Beach.

We got up and spent about 3 hours packing up the rig and loading the motorcycle

for the approx 45 min drive to Huntington By The Sea RV park which is on hwy 1 right across from the beach.

It is an interesting park all black top and no grass. The residents are a mixture of very long timers and overnighters. The rigs are a mixture of very old and brand new. The people are very friendly and being within walking distance to the beach is really nice. The WIFI was mostly great. Although not pretty and upscale this park is expensive, because it was winter we only paid $68 per night, last summer when we were here we paid $98. Location, location, location.

Huntington Beach really is a nice little beach town, with lots of things to do. The day after we arrived Paul and Cher blew into town for a couple of days and we got together that night to go to town for Tuesday Tacos at the Hurricane. We sat outside overlooking the farmers market and could see the sun setting over Catalina Island. After dinner we visited the farmers market. It was a hoot of an evening, and we ended up at our rig for a night cap. It was so nice to catch up and we look forward to meeting up again in Ajo, AZ at the end of April for our trip to Mexico.

On Wednesday we had a lovely dinner at Jytte’s with Steen, Carsten and Ellen. Unfortunately Anja and Andy were unable to attend. It was a really nice evening catching up with old friends. Thanks for taking the time to see us.

On Friday afternoon we took the dogs to the dog beach. It is a huge expanse of beach where dog just have a great time off leash. Charley, of course, headed straight for the water and was happy chasing a tennis ball he found. Bella got friendly with a very energetic 3 month old french bulldog and the two played and played. I was’t sure that 7 year old Bella could keep up with the pub, but she did all right. Both dogs were pretty tired when we got home.

On Saturday we went for a motorcycle ride down HWY1 to Newport and rode around the hills of Newport Coast, very pretty. No pictures because we did not get off the bike.

On Sunday the 8th we went to the International Surfing Museum. They were supposed to be open till 5pm but was closed when we got there at 4:30. They did, however, open up for us. The admission was $2 per person. The place was about as big as our RV, but very interesting but mostly about the surfing history of Huntington Pier.

After the museum we went to ‘The Old World Village', located close to Beach Blvd and I405, for those of you who might want to check this out. It is an old German village with church and town hall, a lot of stores and a restaurant. Not much is open/occupied anymore but it is fun to look at the old buildings. We ate at the restaurant and had some good German sausages, cucumber salad and red cabbage, all really good. After dinner we took these photos

and then went to the store and bought some German chocolate etc.

On Monday the 9th Jytte and Steen came to the coach for dinner, another very nice evening, and thank you Steen for helping with a computer problem.

On Wednesday the 11th we went whale watching. It was an adventure, though we saw no whales. First our GPS took us some strange route and we ended up taking a small car ferry,

room for 3 cars, across to Balboa. This make us a bit late and with having a little trouble finding parking we almost did not make the boat. But we did and it was a very pretty afternoon on the water. We went up almost to Huntington Beach and Catalina was very clear. We saw sea lions, a single dolphin and lots of birds.

After we got off the boat we realized we were at a place where Paul and Cher had taken us for snacks and drinks once and we decided to go there again. $4 drinks and $4 snacks. yum

On Thursday, the day before our departure I again went and spend some time with Jytte. I was really nice to be in the area for a long time so we could have more time together instead of me just blowing through and visiting one day.

Our last evening in Huntington Beach we went back to the Hurricane and had drinks and snacks. It was a lovely evening and we were wearing shorts as supposed to the last time we we're there when we were wearing winter coats.

Next morning we were on the way.

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