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Palace one.

Palace two.

Palace three being remodeled.

Ellery walking up steps to Buddhist Temple on Palace grounds.

Snake heads protect the Palace inhabitants.

A close-up of the remodel.

The Palace Buddhist Temple

A pathway from one building to another.

A monument to the King's dead daughter. He loved her dearly.

Black rice with vegetable stew.

Rich and Ellery at "The Corn Restaurant."

Simple decor.

Can you tell the owner is American? This is the bar at...

Lori coming out of a store.

Ellery on boat.

Rich on boat. Have you ever seen him this happy?

Our boat's chairs.

A selfie of Lori and Rich.

Dredging the silt off the bottom of the MeKong Delta.

Houses on the shore of the MeKong River.

Sunset from our boat.

Sunset beauty.

Monks walking on the street in front of us.

Gado gado at El Mundo.

Good Morning Everyone,

My computer is still not fixed, and this may be my last chance to make an entry for I know not what the future brings. Enjoy!

We got up and started with meditation at 7:20 a.m. Thought Ellery slept in, Rich and I went to breakfast at 8:20. I had my usual "healthy" breakfast as dubbed by the hotel menu. Remember the choices: Asian, contiental, healthy, and American. Ha! Funny.

Once all of us were up and fed, we walked to the Palace for a tour, a 20-minute walk from our hotel in the bright sun. Beautiful weather. Dry heat. We need our sun glasses, a hat, and sun screen. There's no doubt about that.

See the covering on the building? It's a painted mural of what the Palace will look like when complete.

This is a monument to the King's young daughter who died at an early age. He loved her dearly, obviously, because it is quite spectacular. The cost to walk through the Palace grounds was $6.50 a person. It took all of one and a quarter hours. Pictures inside the Palaces are not allowed.

This day Ellery washes out his clothes and hangs them to dry inside the room. Takes time, but allows Rich more rest. He's feeling much better, but is still not 100%. No idea what caused this since neither Ellery nor I are in this boat. Everybody's body is differenet. Rich is more sensitive to something.

We decided to go to lunch. We stumbled on a Vegetarian/vegan restaurant a very short way from the Kambiki Hotel. :-D We are thrilled! I had sweet potato, pepper, peanut, onion stew, $5 USD.

This restaurant is run by an American who is retired military. His wife followed him all around the world. Now it's her turn. She works for Helen Keller NGO to increase nutrition in Cambodia to prevent blindness. They teach people how to farm fish and re-seed as hand-outs are no longer an answer. The people need to know to how to sustain their nutritional health themselves. That's what this NGO does.

Ellery had a vegetable stew with tofu called Char Kreoung. He declared it "the best food we have had so far this trip." I agree! Rich didn't eat much other than rice.

Next, we went for massages. The cost? For authen Khmer massages for the three of us, it was $24 for one hour made up of one-half hour back and one-half hour foot and leg massage. We got our money's worth, we all agreed at the end.

Wonderful young Cambodian women told us they live together, the three of them working side by side. They came from Siem Reap together and find they like Siem Reap better than Phnom Penh. We agree we do too. They laugh and say they will move back there in another month or two. They barely speak English, just enough to communicate with us, one woman more than the other two.

As the afternoon turned toward evening, we decided to take a boat trip down the MeKong River to the Delta. What a joy. Pure pleasure. The cost for a one-hour boat trip was $5 per person.

We walked to the end of expat street and decided to eat at a cafe called El Mundo. I ordered gado gado, a Thai stew of vegetables and sauce. Ellery ordered Penne Pasta with creamy sauce and curry chicken; Rich ordered the fish amok. He's obviously feeling better. We all agreed this meal was "meh."

As we returned to the Kambiki by 9 p.m., we found my new mouse for my computer did not work. So much for a wireless mouse solving a broken track-pad. Will deal with it tomorrow morning. All things in their good time.

That's it for today, friends and family. You get to stop reading and rest. So do I!

Such gifts as sleep and recuperation.

Cheers! G'night.

Lori, Rich, Ellery

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