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Old historic Santo Domingo

Cathedral built in the early 1500's

Guards at the place of the Hall of Remembrance

Street of Women!

On the Street of women so named for ladies taking their daily...

The Palace of Diego Columbus

Street in the Old Town

Ruins of the first hospital in the New World

We had to make a visa trip to the Dominican Repbublic as they have a US Embassy and Vaughan needed a B2 visa to enter US territory on a private yacht. We applied online and then flew over to do the interview. It was all a bit of a nightmare as an appointment for an interview had to be made on line but that could not be done before the fee was paid but that had to be paid at a bank in the Dominican Republic. Even though it was touch and go, he did get the visa.

Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in 1492 in the Dominican Republic and is buried here. He did not die here but his body was secretly taken out of Spain by his family and taken back here as the family were having disagreements with Spain. Diego Columbus, his son and various family members took up residence in Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo also boasts the first church in the New World.

The population boasts of being from 5 worlds as people's forebears came from so many diverse locations. It seems very integrated racially.

It has a bit of the same vibe as Cuba with a strong Spanish feel. It does get quite a few tourists but they mainly go to large beach resorts rather than Santo Domingo.

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