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our spot in Anaheim

dogs chilling

MA, Doris, Marissa drinks

Inspecting the rig

MA, Doris, Marissa, Marty Dinner


MA, Mac, Sunni, Jytte

Leaving Anaheim

We arrived in Anaheim mid day and it was a very nice warm day so we had lunch outside as soon as we had parked and opened up the rig. This park is very nice and open with very large cement spaces and lots of grassy areas for the dogs. The WIFI was Tengonet, which was, for once, somewhat decent, or at least better that usual, but there were many crashes and we could not get the Pepwave connected.

Although the park was nice the neighborhood around it was not nice, very dirty and lots of trash, Charley ate some and was quite sick for several days. Going shopping I had the opportunity to do some driving around the areas where I first lived when i came to the US 45 years ago. I was struck by how tired and worn, and in some cases, run down this part of Orange County looks, definitely has not been kept up.

Since there really wasn't any sight seeing we wanted to do in Anaheim we spent most of our time there catching up on business stuff and visiting.

Other than Charley's misadventure, the dogs are doing really well, they are great travelers and mostly chill in the coach, except for the numerous times each day when Tom takes them on a walk, they really love that.

On Saturday 1/24 We hosted Tom's Cousin Doris, her husband, Marty, and daughter, Marissa. They had never been in a big rig RV and were, I think duly impressed. LOL. We had a lovely visit and look forward to seeing Doris and Marty again when we get to the desert.

On 1/27 I went to Seal Beach to visit with my 91 year old friend, Jytte. we had a great day visiting, eating lunch and shopping.

On 1/31 we had dinner at Jytte's with her grand daughter, Sunni and Sunni's husband Mac. it was a great dinner and really fun to spend some time with the two youngsters. great people.

On Monday 2/2 we packed up, that takes about 3 hours, and drove to Huntington Beach, which took about 30 minutes. Nice to be on the beach

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