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Great granddaughter Rose getting a little ride from Great Grandma...Arghhh, did I...

Hi Great Grandpa, whatcha' doing???

Three generations of McCormick's! Love you all :)

Sons Don & Jim with Lare....Great pic of all three of them!

Last Sunday morning our 18 wheeling son Don arrived in the morning for a one night layover, then son Jim & his wife Paula flew in from Alaska Sunday evening. That caused an early golf game Sunday morning, a bunch of football later in the day & a visit from grandson DJ & family. Followed by taco soup & kickin' back with family. It was sure good to see everyone!

Larry's been fighting that cold/cough 'thing' that's been going around so his energy level has been down & breathing is a bit of a problem. Hasn't affected his appetite much though, lol! He's pretty well knocked it now so that is good. I thought it was gonna get me, and it did for a day or two, but didn't hang on for a week or more like everyone else we know that's managed to get it. So I am a happy girl.

Larry attended a couple of guitar classes the past two weeks so he's working on it. I will be so happy when he can play. When you hang with a bunch of musicians it's inspiring to want to learn. We wonder if it's true though that you can't teach an old dog new tricks???? Our fingers do not want to go where they need to go!! But we'll keep plugging away at it & hopefully we will one day play enough to get by & not blast everyone's ears out :)

Today Larry & Tawnia are coming over for dinner & a visit as well as grandson Ryan & his girl Emily. Jim & Paula head back to Alaska tomorrow morning so we're all getting together. Then tomorrow is great granddaughter Rose's 2nd birthday party in the mid afternoon & then we'll be going to niece Ashley's birthday party/dinner at 5pm! Whew, does it sound like we are busy??? Well, we are. But we love it. Our time here in Vegas always goes by way to quickly! We are heading to Ely for a couple of days next Friday to celebrate Mom's birthday with her & then a week later well head out for Arizona & New Mexico for a couple of months. Then we'll come back through Vegas for another visit before heading to South Dakota for the summer. So, for all of you that keep asking us what our itinerary is, there you have it. Although as many of you know, RV'ers plans are usually made of Jello. Subject to change at any time :)

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