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Hello all,

Baby Girl had a tumour, which had grown quite a lot since it was discovered by the vet in Alstonville. At the end she was in pain and there was nothing that could be done. She was 19 which is pretty good for a cat. It's a bit lonely now with no-one to talk to, but I daresay it will get better with time. Thank you to all who emailed or rang.

Attended my first markets as a stall-holder today. Didn't do too bad, considering that the Tamworth Country Music Festival is on and the streets are lined with stalls, I would say there are about 200 stalls in the cbd. I covered my stall fee plus $50. I think I would do much better at a small market.

I will be leaving tomorrow and heading in the direction of Narrabri. My next house sit starts on the 23rd at Edgeroi, about 20k north.

All for now


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