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After our comp breakfast we went for a walk by the harbour, the hotel is just 2 blocks from it. We then went to the trolley stop and got day passes for the trolleys and it is also good for the transit system. We got to the old town area and that was nice. Then road the trolley for a while and decided to really get brave. We took the trolley then switched to a bus and that took us to Balboa Park that must have 10 museums and also the zoo. We didn't get to them all and weren't into the zoo but it still took around 3 hours to walk around the whole thing. We weren't done yet and again took a trolley then bus to Coranado island. If we don't get advice from the bus security guys then random people come up and ask if u need help. We got off 2 blocks from the ferry crossing area and after walking around the beach we decided to take the ferry across instead of the bus and going over the bridge again. It was another walk back to the hotel but the weather was so nice, over 70. I was ready for bed but because the laundry was right beside us I washed a load before finally calling it a night

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