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Kuiburi Resort


Front of hotel


Other way beach

Guys fried rice with chicken

My 'sirloin' steak


More monkeys

National Park

From our balcony at Nana Beach

Our lovely meal, Nana Beach

Well, left Kanchaniburi with the GPS set up together with Google maps. Started off well....but ended not so well. We found that there's a hotel with the same name in bangkok. Anyway, we knew where the hotel was on the map but there's no signposts to say where it was. Anyway, found it eventually. An absolutely beautiful hotel, right in the beach, infinity pool, fab! Settled into the room, had a wander, a drink, walked the lovely white sandy beach. No-one speaks English, there's hardly anyone in the hotel...why's that? It's really lovely. Prap's it's the slow season? Who knows?


Had breakfast, included. Very nice. A choice between Thai, Continental or American. We chose American without the sausage because that's usually frankfurter out of a tin...yuk! Stayed by the beach and pool till about 2:00pm when we thought we'd had enough sunshine. I'm married to a lobster.....eek!

We then took a 15 min drive to the nature reserve called Sam Roi Yot. Paid 400bt to enter. Lots of monkeys...we'd been driving with the windows open, so when we saw a troop of monkeys on the road, I stopped so Guy could take some pics. I quickly wound up my window to stop a monkey getting in, guy took some pics before they tried to get in his side. We drove off parked in a car park and it was only then I found that the back door window was open. We coulda been attacked by monkeys . Very funny...Guy didn't think so though! On the way back, we had to swerve to avoid a passing tortoise.

Returned to the hotel and found the news that our buyer had pulled out of buying our house so pretty cross, to put into words how we both feel. Impotent because there's nothing we can do from here. We could come home; that's been considered but we've had a cry, emailed the solicitor, spoken to the estate agent and also the owners of the house we're 'buying'. They're soooo kind which makes this even harder. They're going to wait and see if we get a buyer quickly so that's a plus.

Had dinner - not good. Because I've had Thai tummy today, I thought I'd have something bland. Guy copied and we both ordered sirloin steak. Well, quite patently, they weren't sirloin or steak as we know it. Mine was ok. Guy couldn't cut into his. It was gristle! So called the waitress over and English, so went to Google translate and told her to steak was terrible and it needed changing. She took it away and a few minutes later, brought it back cooked a bit more....oops. Guy didn't think it was funny. Tried again with Google translate. She took it away, rang the manager who spoke to me on the phone. Explained to him. Food was returned with a new meal...but with the old steak hidden underneath a tiny new one, which incidentally, was vey nice.

Had a lousy night. Got up late; no sleep for most of the night but dropped off at around 6:00am, breakie, loaded the car and set off for a new beach hotel. This one is called Nana Beach hotel. It's at/near Chumphon. We've decided that this coast is a bit windy so we're heading across to the west coast and maybe trying to pop a toe over into Mayanmar ( Burma ).

Well, using google maps again, and again not as successfully as I'd have liked, we found the hotel. Absolutely perfect. 3 restaurants, hotel on the beach, swimming pool which was lay by for an hour or 2 this afternoon before going along the beach (very windy) to a local shop to buy some coke to use to finish off the bottle of Thai rum. Drowning sorrows. Cable TV not English though, NCIS is very funny dubbed in Thai!

Had our meal at the beach bar, it was packed with locals which says a lot about the food. We had spring rolls followed by chicken fried rice. Really tasty. Couple of beers washed it all down.

We've booked to stay in Ranong tomorrow night. Just one night though because we want really to be by the sea and this isn't as near as we want, but it's en route to our destination.

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