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Glencoe rest area

Glencoe rest area

Glencoe rest area

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Road between Glen Innes and Glencoe

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Glencoe rest area

Hi everyone,

Didn't travel far today, which was good. I have stopped at Glencoe for the night. I am going to stay for two nights and go to what looks like a good place at Bendemeer, which is between Armidale and Tamworth. So I will go there day after tomorrow and leave there for Tamworth early on the morning of the 12th where the van's air con will be fixed, hopefully not for a fortune.

Baby Girl has stopped eating again and still hasn't done a poo but Bea says not to worry about it yet. She isn't lethargic or anything, and happily explores outside when we go there, so let's hope things will come right.

I stopped on the way here to take some videos of the countryside but all but one were truncated, don't know how that happened. And it's a shame because there was a vista of fields full of daisies, it was gorgeous. I will check in future before getting back into the car and moving on.

that's all for now.

love to all


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