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Deepwater free caravan park

Hello everyone,

I left Alstonville this morning at about 9am, stopped for a cup of tea in Tenterfield at about 11am I think, then got to Deepwater at about 12.30pm. the country around Tenterfield is unbelievable beautiful, but there was nowhere to stop safely to take photos.

Baby Girl at a big dinner last night and half of her breakfast this morning. She finished most of what was left when we arrived here, but so far is not interested in any dinner. Still no poo despite the laxatives. I hope she makes it to the litter tray when it does happen.

When I was leaving the house at Meerschaum Vale the owner drove the rig out of his driveway but before doing that he turned the hubs on and put the car into 4wd. I don't know why really, there was nothing scary about the driveway. Anyway,he then turned the hubs off and put it back into 2wd and I took off. Immediately I could hear a noise that had not been there before and it took a while to realise that the noise was coming from the right-hand front wheel. I stopped and investigated; the hub was definitely set to "free" and the noise has not gone away. I guess I will have to stop and get a mechanic to look at it for me. I hope this is not this week's disaster about to happen. I'm really over it.

Tomorrow I am heading for Glen Innes then to Glencoe where there is another big free camp area where I will stay for two nights.

that's all,

love to everyone


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