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Hello everyone,

Well, Baby Girl has not done much, if anything, since yesterday. It is now 4.30pm I have just given her a couple of mls by syringe of the laxitive the vet gave me, having done the same thing this morning. She still doesn't want to eat so I gave her some food by teaspoon, which was a bit messy, but in all she swallowed two teaspoons of food. I think she is very uncomfortable and has a spaced-out look on her face and is sitting hunched up on the floor at the moment. I am hoping that her demeanour means she is going to do a poo sometime soon, as the enemas given her by the vet removed about half of what she had backed up in her bowel.

I am extremely worried about her and will continue hand feeding until something happens. I have delayed my departure from Alstonville by a day, mainly because - and get this - the vet does not have a computerised patient notes system and does it all by hand, so I had to wait until he had written up his notes and put it into my folder to take with me. So I will pick that up in the morning on my way past the surgery - literally - I will pull up in the street opposite the surgery and the girl will run out with the folder, there is just nowhere I can park anywhere, the roads are so narrow here.

I could go from her to Grafton then up the range to Glen Innes but I have been advised that the road is a bit of a nightmare so I will go back to Lismore and from there back to Tenterfield then south to an overnight stop at Deepwater which is abut 50k south of Tenterfield. From there the next day to Glencoe which is 24k south of Glen Innes and will stay there for 2 nights. From there to Tamworth arriving on the 11th, and on the 12th I take the van to the Air Command-licenced air conditioner repairer. I thought about attending the Tamworth Country Music Festival but I don't think I will get into a caravan park at this late stage and would not want to leave the van in a in a free camp spot because of the thousands of people of all types who will be attending the festival. I would have liked to attend at least 1 day of the festival but all the caravan parks are either booked out or asking ridiculous prices so I probably won't bother unless I can find somewhere safe to leave the van.

that's all for now.

love to all


I am telling you all this now in case there is no internet access at my overnight stops.

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