Wintering in Casa Grande 2014-15 travel blog


Border Inspection - 40 miles away from the border









Javalina - about the size of a large dog

Arch at center top


If you look closely uou can see another smaller arch directly above...



The organ pipe cactus. These grow mainly in Mexico,and this is the...


Today we set course on a scenic trip into the Organ Pipe Park near the Mexican border. The course changed as we drove into the morning sun, choosing a longer round trip instead.

Driving south from Casa Grande we found our way onto Highway 15 heading on a southwest course. Along this highway we must have passed a minimum of ten or more Border Patrol vehicles in minutes,they were everywhere.

At the highway 86 junction we turned west towards….. Why AZ,yes that is correct - Why is a small rural community on the Western border of the Tohono O'Odham Indian Reservation.

At the Why junction we turned south onto Highway 85 S. Then came across the familiar Border inspection road blocks that dot the highways south of I-8. Vehicles heading south did not interest these guys,only stopping the north bound vehicles. Finally reached the Park visitor center around 11:30 and ate our lunch before going in and getting more information.

We had 2 choices here, either a 4 hr or a 2 hr circle drive tour. Easy decision as it was after 1 pm and since we stop at every lookout, we chose the 2 hr.

Marion was very lucky today, generally we do not see any wildlife .She lucked out today as a Javelina was near the road. He ran off a few feet and hid,I parked the truck and grabbed my camera and he moved into focus and got him,she was thrilled.

Another great visual was an arch up on the side of a mountain.Apparently there are 2 up there ,one on top of the other.The close up pics hopefully will capture this marvel,other than that it was a scenic dusty bumpy 21 mile ride.

It was after 3:30 when we left and headed noth to Ajo.(pronounced Ah-ho)

We both agree that we have seen enough cacti’s to last us for a very long time!

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