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We got to leave a little earlier then planned. We were on the road by 8:30. Temp was -28with a wind chill of -35 so r hoping to get somewhere warmer in a few days. We crossed at Sherwood and at the beginning the customs guy was pretty stern but after he looked in the vehicle he was offering us free maps, telling us what roads to take and where the cheapest gas was. He was right at Max nd it was $2.09. We were getting a message on the srx to service back axle and tried to get in Minot and Bismarck to get it looked at but no luck. It only came on once and if it is like the service tire monitor message no one and nothing can make it stop showing up. Our biggest disappointment was that the Royal Fork in Minot is closed, good lunch at Applebee's though. We r spending the night south of Mandan, room is very nice for 80.00

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