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tyre pressure monitor fits onto the valve stem, O-ring is buggered


Ingenious invention to keep soda cans fizzy

Hello all,

Not much to report.

I have a tyre pressure monitoring system installed on the Patrol and the van. There is a device that you attach to the valve stem in place of the cap. It has a chip that monitors the pressure and temperature of the tyre and transmits the info to a receiver on the dashboard. Hopefully it will tell me I have a tyre problem before a tyre is destroyed. Anyway the batteries have to be replaced every so often, about every two years, and I have to do this with one of them at the moment. so you screw off the cap and remove the battery and put the new one in. But the is an O-ring that keeps dirt and moisture out of the thing and of course it's broken, isn't it. So today I drove around to places like Bunnings, Reece,Repco, etc to find replacements. Reece had the right size but it's part of a kit, isn't it, with 20 other O-rings I don't need and only 1 of the size I need so I would have to buy a complete kit for each spare and end up with hundreds of unwanted O-rings. It was ever thus. so I went into Spotlight for something else and saw these coloured band thingys that are all the rage with the kids at the moment and voila! they are the perfect size for the monitors and only cost $2.00! problem solved and I now have 300 spare O-rings. Necessity is the mother of invention! Strictly speaking they are more like washers, but they do the job. See pictures.

Also found in one of those $2 shops this thing you screw onto the top of soda cans and they stay carbonated and can't spill - ingenious!

It's nice and cool today, 28 degrees with a bit of rain forecast. We've had a lot of rain in the last week. Absolutely poured down the night before last.

I have only three days left here in this beautiful place. I have confirmed a house sit in Grafton for 25/2 to 11/3 but haven't confirmed yet any before or after that.

That's all for now!

love to all


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