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Beginning of the Great Ocean Road at Bells Beach

Southern Ocean (my 5th ocean) shoreline

One of many beautiful vistas on the Great Ocean Road

First of many lighthouse shots

Bathrooms are done in aboriginal design

Our car parked under trees bent by high winds

Don't forget to drive on the left!

Get ready for some bizarre wildlife!

Kangaroos on the drive into the campgrounds

Wallaby on the walk to the bathroom

Another wallaby sighting near our tent

Koalas are the stars of the show

These two visited the camp pizza party

Mom and baby hanging out at our campsite

Another mom and baby at the campground

Inquisitive cockatoo

Bush filled with cockatoos

Galla cockatoos

Gang-gang cockatoo

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree

Erskine falls

Otway's gorgious folliage

Australia's redwoods

Fran's balancing act in the redwoods

Otway Fly Canopy Walk

View to rainforest floor

Tree ferns wallpaper

Achidna crossing

Echidna sighting!

How cute is this echidna?

Mait's Rest original rainforest

Trees grow around decayed trunks

Fran hiding in the roots

Walking beneath the tree ferns

Cape Otway is Australia's Most Important lighthouse

View from Cape Otway lighthouse

The Great Ocean Road begins at the coast south of Melbourne and runs west along the Southern Ocean to Portland, Australia. We hit Bell's Beach, a surfer town and the first beach we came to, before continuing on to Cape Otway. We camped at Bimbi Campground for three days while exploring this area, which turned out to be a huge highlight with all of the wildlife, rainforest, and coastal fun Cape Otway has in store. Driving up to the campgrounds, we spotted kangaroos in the fields by the side of the road and several koalas grasping branches overhead. At night we camped to the calls of the koalas mating and marking their territory, sounds that are eerily similar to Howler monkeys. On the way to the bathroom I encountered wallabies and a multitude of different types of cockatoos, as well as the resident kookaburra (who sounds like a crazed hyena). One night, after we had gotten used to the koalas and the birds making noises, we woke up to a spooky sound right outside of our tent. Curiosity overcame fear and eventually we opened the tent zipper, shined out the flashlight, and there, right in the tree in front of us, was a possum! Now, the Aussies have a whole different idea of a possum; this one is cute with a pointed nose and long fluffy tail. S/he wasn't even really afraid of us, staring down our flashlights before eventually moving slowly away through the brush.

After doing my research, I was excited about the great ocean views but had no idea that the nearby rainforest would be so incredible. They say its bigger in Texas? Ha! Those that do have never been to Australia. Everything's bigger, ferns as big as trees, lizards as big as cats, and sights without any developmental scars for miles and miles. We explored the rainforest first via the Otway Fly canopy walk, where we climbed high into the canopy for a closer look at the foliage. We also checked out California redwoods initially grown as an experiment to supply hardwoods to the area, then becoming too beautiful to cut down. My favorite spot was Mait's Rest, a boardwalk through old growth rainforest dating over 300 years old. Many of the trees had grown on and around decayed trees, making for some unique hidey-holes at the bottom of the trees and twisty trunks. At night, we went back to see the tiny glowworms light up the forest. Magical!

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