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Sand carving

Prosthesis on sea turtle

Jan and Christina at the turtle house--taking a break!!!!

Brings a new meaning to "end of the road"

Memorial to the area fishermen who lost their lives

Head skeleton of a blue whale

Another pic---sand carving

Well we have made it through another week here in TX. and we still are loving it. Some friends (Frank & Cindy) here in the park introduced us to a restaurant in Port Isabelle that so far is our favorite. Paul had his oysters on the half shell and I had the delicious crab cake and flounder. Of course we had to have some shrimp as well. We had to laugh though because the meal is served on styrofoam plates and had plastic utensils. The prices are really low and the food is fantastic so I guess that makes it okay. I would be remiss if I didn't share our story of Paul getting hit on by the waiter though. This very flamboyant little Mexican guy told Paul that he was available after work when Paul asked what specials were available. He said he was pretty "special". We all had a good laugh at Paul's expense after that!

We have been going in the car and just driving around sightseeing as well. We went down to Elizabeth Street in Brownsville, which is the main shopping street, and went through the little shops. They are quite different from our tourist shops up north. They use every little crack and corner to fill them with things they can sell and don't really have any rhyme or reason to where things are put.

We found one little shop that had a little cafe in the back and got to talk to the owner and hear a lot about Brownsville, their history and culture. They told us about crossing into Mexico and advised us not to cross here as there have been quite a few kidnappings of the tourists here. They tell us that Progresso is still pretty safe, so we will drive there one day.

We went with another lady here in the park to Padre Island on Saturday. Here we saw the turtle house where they rescue the sea turtle and return them to the ocean when they are healthy enough to return. Some of them never get released as they are to injured to be able to function in wild. One of them had been caught by a shark and only had 1 fin left and they made a prosthesis for it. We also went to The Coastal Studies Lab and got to see some skeletons of whales and a partial skeleton of a Mammoth that was found down here. They had gorgeous sand carvings at both of these places that a local artist does for them. We enjoyed driving along the coast and watching the waves come in. They were quite high due to the wind. Christina (our friend from the park)acting as our tour guide told us that we couldn't come to the island without driving to the end of the road, so off we went. It goes out about 5 miles and then just stops at the sand and the Gulf. She did say that it had been extended since the last time she drove out on it. This lady is 74 years old and drives herself pulling her camper from Oklahoma. You would never guess that she is almost 75 years old. She then tells us that we need to dine at one of the more famous restaurants on the island. So we pull into Captain Blackbeard's Bar and Grill for lunch. Here we have the Red Snapper. Needless to say it was fantastic. We are getting very spoiled eating the sea food down here.

The weather has turned off quite cool and rainy for the past couple of the 50's. We had to pull our sweatshirts back out. It is supposed to be cool this whole next week and then warm back up. We will be looking forward to that. More later.

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