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dog damage, some training should fix the jumping up problem!

Hello everyone,

not much to report today. This week's disaster was the fridge door falling off. The bolt had worked its way out of the hinge hole, I think I was lucky that the bottom hinge didn't break off. anyway I managed to put it all back together. Will have to keep my eye on that.

I went to the Ballina markets this morning, execllent! I managed to get a Sodastream complete with two bottles and fully-chargesd gas cylinder all for $10! No longer do I have to make my own tonic water and they have bitter-lemon-type syrup that I can use in place of buying the Schweppes Bitter Lemon, it will pay for itself in four drinks! Unfortunately, I forgot to take the cameras with me.

Actually, there has just been another little disaster. This dog chews on anything and everything. Twice I have diverted it from chewing on my sullage hose. Every time I go outside, it jumps around and tries to jump up on me. This time it succeeded and the result you can see in the photo. tomorrow we start training. It's do or die, at least for the bloody dog.

I also look after a rabbit. It lives in a cage, must be extremely boring (do rabbits get bored?) Tomorrow I will put the cage, minus its bottom, on the grass, I'm sure he would like that.

I heard and saw the calf this morning, on its own, at the bottom of the field, so I filled up the water thingy, but then I had to leave so I don't know if she was warning me that she was coming, or not.

Going to have to have a few drinks now, a bit shakey after the incident with the dog. I will have to wear my arm protectors from now on when I go outside.

More tomorrow

love to all


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