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Lovely Green Park in Hobart - not many of these

Yesterday (Saturday) we spent from 9-3 in port at Hobart. It is a big city of more than 200,000 residents plus hillsides that are flush with houses far in the distance on both sides of the bay. Because it gets much colder here, there were limited flowers blooming and very few parks. We happened to land on a Saturday so were able to go to the Saturday market here which has at least 300 stalls of both craft items and thins made in China items.

We walked all over this town looking for unique things but mostly found regular shops and shoppers. This area isn't dressed in those dresses like we saw in Sydney - much more practical wear here.

We found out that the ship we are on is sold to China and beginning in April it becomes a floating casino for some place in China. I'm betting that will be a big advanatge to the folks who now fly to Singapore to do their gambling.

Tomorrow we head off to our Meriton Serviced Apartments on Campbell sttreet -- we have now changed reservations four times from our original group -- we are getting the hang of getting the best deal.

Even with the poor quality of the ship and the food, we have enjoyed seeing Tasmania and would come and stay a month in Burnie some time -- but not in Hobart. We would also come and stay a month in Picton or Nelson New Zealand --- lovely places and not so many people. Just a few more days until Christmas for all of you -- I'll post tomorrow once we settle in. Hugs. RH

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