-A journal of my journey…


TRAVEL: the most lovliest word for me..!! ughh..! goosebumps!

I gonna journal my travel dreams even if I haven’t taken it yet! Coz I cant put a limit on anything,the more I dream the farther I get.. I havent been everywhere but everywhere is on my list.. :)

I still remember the words that my mom n dad used to tell me everytime that I was very fond of steps(stairs) at my very li’l age..whenever I get across stairs I used to jolt from my mom and the very next thing was to climb,crawl,run,jump,hop,fall along the steps.. Now I say dat I am still d same kid with the same unconditional love that I had for steps..Yes,I still have the nature of doing all those things but not with stairs..instead,with journey..Yeah I wanna crawl,climb,run ,hop n jump and experience everything in my journey. My journey started at a very li’l age with those li’l foot and that doesn’t gonna end now.. 

I am loyal and constant in my love for travel and I will b. I feel about travel the way a happy new mother feels about her imposible,colicky,restless new born baby..! n I adore this because it’s my life..! I can’t figure out wether I could come out with my dream or not but I promise myself that I gonna try every possible **** to get with it..! Its just a beginning..! ;) But beware! once the travel bug bites then there is no antidote, and I am happy that I was happily infected until the end of my life.!

Moreover comprimising about this, huh.! isn’t my glass of wine..! I don’t know how I gonna drive this ahead but I’l fix it for sure.I donno wether my parents gonna support me or not. m afraid they don’t! anyhow I’l not gonna tell them and even I donno wether I can afford this or not but I feel I need not be rich to travel. anyhow I got to save every penny for my journey.I gonna depend on myself and wanna discover the world. BTW thanx mates!! Sam & sowmith thanks for ur support and I do have my loving frns to go ahead..! I am happy for what I have..! 

This journal gonna make me remind and inspire dat there’s a lot more to f**** ahead. I only live once , so let me mess up every shit outta it..! I’l be the happiest if this becomes my profession. I wanna travel , fall in love and be happy! One or the other day I’l travel the world  ;)


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