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The famous surf shop!

An astronauts space suit

I admit it, I just had to go back to Ron Jon's surf shop! I did restrain myself and I waited until it was light. And I just had to take a picture of this cool place for you to see.

We also went to the Kennedy Space center today. It was a huge place, with lots to see. It was hard to take in all the exhibits, as it is a big place. I think the space shuttle exhibit was my favorite, as you went into this room and it was like you were taking off from the launching pad, in the shuttle. Plus it was kinda cool to look at all the old rockets and see how far our space technology has evolved.

But I also saw some things that I didn't expect to see. I saw my first alligator (a baby) in one of the waterways. He was sunning himself beside a couple of turtles. A little later we saw a larger alligator, but thankfully no crocodiles! We also saw a wild boar, and an eagle. And I didn't learn until today that Kennedy space center is also a large wildlife preserve.

Tomorrow we are on the road again toward Key West!

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